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Christmas Traditions

There are many things that I do during the holiday season. I live in Las Cruces, NM. So, I thought I’d show you some of the traditions we celebrate. I’ll even throw in some of my family traditions and what we like to do during the Christmas season.

First, living in New Mexico, we get to celebrate with food. A favorite staple of mine is Tacos! Of course, we love our tacos with lime. Don’t forget the lime. Add some Spanish rice and refried beans and you’re golden.


Second, we like to decorate our tree.  My kids love to decorate the tree and add all sorts of things to spice it up. Here is our tree this year. Look at their smiling faces.


Next, we move on to pictures with Santa! Each year, we got to several events around town. First, we are a part of the New Mexico State University Housing community. We like to support our local events.



Each year, Las Cruces has a Christmas Tree lighting event and Christmas on the Plaza. People get together and support local vendors. We love to hang out and take pictures with Santa and enjoy music and celebrations. Here are several photos of some of the events we’ve attended.



Another tradition is to visit Old Mesilla at Christmas. It’s so beautiful with all the luminarias lit, the Christmas lights, and the people. I love to visit the tree and add an ornament that my kids made. It’s a new tradition for us, but we did it last year and kept that tradition this year. All the local vendors love to come out and enjoy the festivities.


Last year, I was a part of a caroling group. We sang on our local radio station, 103.9. We sang at our Christmas on the Plaza event and we sang in Old Mesilla. Here is a picture of our group. We were Sarah and the Christmas Angels. It was loads of fun and it felt magical.


We even got a special visit from Santa and Mrs. Clause. So, we picked a great night to be out. Events like this are so much fun.


This tree is my Mom’s and each year it gets bigger and better. When I was a child, I remember being able to wake early to gather my stocking. We’d wait for my dad to wake up and he’d videotape all our Christmas mornings. Each year, we’d sit on the couch while the smell of Turkey aroma danced delightfully across our senses. My dad, like in this picture, would be making gravy and prepping other types of food.


My mom always woke before the rest of us and worked hard the day before to make delicious pies like these. Apple, Pumpkin, and Cherry. I used to watch my mom and admire her for keeping up with the amount of work it took to prepare meals for the holiday season. It didn’t stop at pies. There were jellos, cookies, food, gifts, and more. It was endless and it never went unnoticed. Some of my best Christmas memories all exist in my mom’s kitchen.


After I married, my husband and I started a tradition with our kids. On Christmas Eve, we drink hot cocoa, watch movies, and we allow our kids to pick one present to open. It’s a bonding experience. I’ve loved it each year and we’re continuing it this year.


There you have it. These are a few of our Christmas traditions. I’d love to hear your traditions.


Here are some Bonus Christmas Images of our family enjoying Christmas! May magic find you this year.






Merry Christmas!

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