The Dalton Legacy Poem

Please enjoy this poem I wrote for my novel. Samuel Dalton is the main character. His grandfather wrote this poem and read it to him as a boy.

I hope you like it.

I knew a Man

I knew a man who traveled by sea

By planks and oars that supported he

Waves and ripples; cold and desolate

Lands full of dirt and leaves

Towns and villages welcomed him

He told stories of his travels to the people

Upon his death, many people attended

Grief and loss for a heart of hope and goodness


The pallbearers hung to the wooden casket

Tears filled eyes and hearts ached

Children mourned the sweet soul

For he gave all he could to show joy

Flowers sprawled atop his grave

The reverend prays his soul be saved


Years pass, and another man comes

To spread the same joy his father once had

The boy met the people his father once loved

He was welcomed among the same hearts

Standing over his father’s grave

He smiled and wept tears of joy

For his father was a hero of kindness


The woman joined him and told him a story

I knew a man who traveled by sea

He spread kindness and joy in his wake

Don’t be sad boy, be proud of him

For you now do what was left of he



Thank you!


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