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In recent years, I’ve become very interested in my family tree. I have found many people in my tree that have interesting histories. It’s a huge hobby of mine to find out what kind of people they were, what they wore, what jobs they held, and what motivated them in life. It turns out I have a rich family history full of royalty and Roman lawyers. I have family in many countries and when I find a new person to research, I get excited all over again. I feel like I’ve uncovered treasure and I like to dig and find what lays underneath.


Here are a few of my family members from all over the world. I hope you’ll be as interested in the legacy they left behind. It sure makes for good entertainment.


Urien King of Rheged. (Today’s northern England and Southern Scotland) 6th Century

His son Owain mab Urien died in 595.


Antoine Philippe de La Tremoille 1765-1794 Prince of Talmont

Nicknamed “Talmont” was a General during the war of Vendee. He fought in the Battle of Nantes, Battle of Cholet, and the Battle of Galerne.

Breton Rulers


As far as I can tell, we have relations to these houses of Breton rulers. There are some records missing. So, it is hard to tell if we belong to any of the other houses.

House of Nantes


Allan II “The Fox” 938-952

Drogo 952-958

Hoel I 958-981

Guerech 981- 988

Alan 988-990

House of Rennes


Conan, I 990-992

Geoffrey, I 992-1008

Alan III 1008-1040

Alan III

Odo I 1008-1034

Odo I

Conan II 1040-1066

Hawise 1066-1072

Hoel II 1066-1072

House of Cornouaille

cornaouaille coat of arms

Alan IV the Younger 1072-1112

Alan IV the Younger

Conan III the Fat 1112-1148

Berta 1148-1156 with Odo II

Odo II 1148-1156

House of Thouars


Alix 1203-1221 with Guy as regent 1213-1221 with Peter I

Alix Thouars

Peter I Mauclerc 1213-1221 with Alix

Peter I Mauclerc


From my Scottish side of the family, I introduce Michael Morrison and a little bit about his life.


Michael Morrison 1798-1874


Michael Morrison was born in Inishuron (near Louisburgh), County Mayo, Ireland, in 1798, the son of John and Mrs. Morrison. The Morrison family ran a shebeen near the grounds of Gowlaun Roman Catholic Church, Killadoon.

Michael married Mary Gibbons in the Westport area, east of Louisburgh, County Mayo, Ireland, prior to 1818.

After the death of Mary Gibbons Morrison in County Mayo, Ireland, Michael and his children emigrated from Ireland to Canada in 1832. He subsequently married Mary Ann O’Hora (1814-?) in Canada between 1832 and 1834.

Michael was a farmer and inspector of hotel and liquor establishments in Westport, North Crosby, Leeds County, Ontario, Canada, where he and his family lived on the east half of Lot 10, Concession 8. The family immigrated to the United States from Canada in 1858 with several other families in wagons drawn by seven teams of oxen. Michael continued to farm in Iowa. The family settled in Cass Township, Wapello County, IA. The family later lived in Franklin Township, then Jackson Township, both in Monroe County, IA.

On Monday, September 7, 1863, Michael became a naturalized citizen of the United States at the Monroe County (IA) Court in Albia.

Michael was a Roman Catholic. In Leeds County, Ontario, he was a member of St. Mark’s in Prescott, St. Francis Xavier in Brockville, St. Philip Neri in Kitley, and St. Edward’s in Westport. In Georgetown, IA, he was a member of St. Patrick’s.

Michael, 76, died on Thursday, August 27, 1874, in Jackson Township, Monroe County, IA. Following a funeral Mass at St. Patrick’s Catholic Church, he was buried in St. Patrick’s Cemetery, Georgetown, Monroe County, IA.

After Michael died, his widow moved to Oklahoma with her son John.



There are so many other family members in my tree. So far, I’ve been able to trace our family all over the place. It’s really interesting to find so many family members. They are all so different. I’ve encountered people who lived in these small towns with little money and lived by working hard. I’ve encountered rich royals with questionable ethics and everything in between.

We’re not always proud of the things people have done in our past. What is important is to remember that we all have a history. All our relatives lived a life we never imagined they could. The world has been full of war and famine, fights and pillaging, greatness and weakness. It’s the fight that draws me in.

I’d love to know the motivation people had, why they made decisions, what drove them artistically, what politics they fought for, and who they married. How did they tend their children? Feed themselves? What did they wear? Where did they live? Who were their friends?

To me, this is all discoverable information and I continue to enjoy finding it.

If you’re into Geneology and have interesting family members, share them with us. History is fascinating, and our family members are probably some crazy people we can’t relate to. Or, you’ll find hidden gems you’d love to have met. All you have to do is start the journey.

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