My Health and Fitness Journey in 2018


In 2018, I began doing Yoga after I’d had my 5th surgery in three years. My body was worn out from being sick, going through trauma, and recovering again. I had been itching to get out of bed and off the couch to start doing exercise. I was frustrated to see the numbers on the scale increasing. So, I started to do a beginner Yoga stretching class. It only lasted ten minutes, but I felt like I was doing something. That’s where I got my fitness spark back.

Now, I feel that after I’ve undergone surgeries that have scarred and changed my body, I’m finally in a grove of good health and fitness. It’s a journey and I’m still in the process of a full lifestyle change, but every day I’m stronger.

Here are some health and fitness changes I implemented in 2018 and what I plan to accomplish in the new year.

Remember, baby steps. This time of year, people join the gym to reach their New Year’s Resolutions. I say, take it in small steps. If you jump right in, you’re likely to be disappointed and you’ll burn yourself out.


Health Changes

Last February, one of the surgeries I underwent was an ileostomy. I’m not ashamed to say that I’ll live with this device for the rest of my life. It was an adjustment and I had to change the way I eat, do exercise, and live normally.



The first step was to increase my daily water intake. I drink between 8-12 full glasses of water a day to ensure I don’t get dehydrated. Also, it’s so important for your dental health and oral health to drink lots of water. A rule I live by is for every cup of coffee you drink, intake two glasses of water. Never skip the water, I say.


Food Moderation

Have you ever heard the expression, “In Moderation?” Well, it’s true. I don’t believe in dieting or juice cleanses. It’s all wildly unhealthy and puts your body in stress level. So, I follow a rule. I ensure all my meals follow the food groups method. If I choose to drink or eat sweets, I make sure that I’m keeping it at a minimum. I indulged once or twice a week. There’s nothing wrong with indulging if you do it right.



Our minds are powerful vessels. It’s hard to be motivated to change our health by thinking negatively. I know there are so many amazing foods advertised on TV and throughout the internet all day long. I’m here to tell you, eating healthy isn’t about giving up everything you love. Just remember to know when to eat them and when not to. Also, we get these ideas in our heads. “I can’t.” “I’ll get to it later.” “I’m too busy.”

These thoughts were in my mind and then I was diagnosed with a chronic illness and spent almost three years in bed for neglecting my body. So, please. Don’t ignore your health and the food you consume. It matters.



I and every exercise program recommend you speak to your doctor before starting any fitness routines. Only you and your doctor know what your body can handle. Personally, I’d love to go and lift weights and feel like I can accomplish that sort of workout. Guess what? I can’t. But, there are so many things to do to exercise your body.

Do you hate sweating? I’m sorry to hear that, but you’re going to sweat. Your body needs it.

Here are the exercises that my doctor and I have come to an agreement on. I’ve come to love all of them.



If you look at the image above, you can see my beautiful little ones. We take walks around our neighborhood every day. I have a step counter on my phone and I try to keep my levels at an appropriate number. Walking is both relaxing and gets the heart pumping.



A low impact exercise I partake in is swimming. I do aqua aerobics and I enjoy doing laps. I limit my time in the pool to 30 minutes exercise and 20 minutes of playful swimming or relaxing on a flotation device.



I enjoy Bikram and hot Yoga. It’s important to take it at your own pace. When I first started doing Yoga, I could only stand 10 minutes. Now, I do a daily 60-minute session. It gets my muscles and my heart pumping. It relaxes me and sets me up for a productive day.


Rock Climbing

Now, I’m not very good at this. However, I’m working on my upper body strength. So, I enjoy getting up on the ropes and trying to work out my arms. I’ve only just begun, but it’s fun to do with friends or in groups. That way, I can laugh and my friends can laugh right along with me.



That was my health and fitness journey for 2018. I’m still doing Yoga and still walking. When the weather is warmer, I’ll get back to swimming and Rock Climbing.

What are your health and fitness routines? Any you’d like to share? Leave them in the comments.

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  1. First thank you for sharing your experience, I can’t imagine all the mental and physical tests you had to go through. I’m going to have my first surgery and I’m terrified but then I read about strong people like you. Second, my goal is to eat healthier, drink more water, take walks and meditate. I miss yoga so much I love hearing stories where people find strength in yoga

    1. Aww, thanks. It wasn’t always easy. I wish you luck on your surgery. Your goals sound reasonable and very close to mine. I love Yoga and I think it really grounds me. It’s also the only hour a day that I feel completely zen.

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