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Wednesday Goal Tracker

As promised, I’m back a week after making my January goals and will be updating you on my progress. First, let’s start by posting my goals from last week.


  • Get organized! How? Planners, of course. I plan everything in different calendars and planners. My goal for the month is to create a schedule for school, work, and writing. By getting organized, I can better track my progress.


Last week, I got straight to work and outlined my schedule. A sneak peek of this is below.


My first goal to get organized was a success. I can cross that off my list.


Next, we have:

  • Creative Space Finder! What is this? Well, I like to find creative places to do my homework or to write. I also have creative places around town, I like to read. So, you have to find a place that will fuel your creativity. Where can you be the most productive?

This week, I went to my local library. In Las Cruces, NM we have NMSU’s Zuhl Library which provides the perfect little nook to hide on the upper floors. I went up to the third floor and wrote my little heart out. I’ll be looking for more places around town and around the city.


  • Self-Care Time! Always remember to take care of your needs. Take breaks when you need them. I love to do Yoga and Zumba. It relaxes me, pumps up my energy, and I feel healthy. Outside of physical exercise, I read, play with my kids, or take long walks. Whatever gives you an emotional reprieve, do it. Self-care is really important.

A couple weeks ago, I joined an online twitter chat with other writers on Twitter. We call ourselves the Creative Misfits. They are a lively and interesting group of people with all different backgrounds, writing experience, and cultures. My self-care has been connecting with these amazing people. Every day I learn from them and I’m inspired by their work.


Aside from my weekends and a lazy day yesterday, I’ve been doing Zumba daily. It gets all my energy pumped up and really allows me to have fun. I’ll continue to monitor my progress. I also find when I’m all worked to the bone, I find a nice feeling of relaxation. Plus, it doesn’t hurt to take a 20-minute power nap after a long warm shower.


I consistently do my morning yoga for 60-minutes. It grounds me into reality and sets me up for a great day.


  • Expand Knowledge! I always like to do things that are outside my comfort zone. I feel the more you learn, the better you become. Read a different genre, try writing in a genre you’re not comfortable with, or simply try a different writing technique. I do this often to challenge myself. It’s easy, just try. If it doesn’t work for you, try something else.

I set aside time on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s to begin writing short paragraphs and poems in different genres. For this week, I’ve chosen Fantasy in the poetry writing style. I’ll continue to keep updating you each week with that progress.


  • Establish a writing regimen! Personally, I try to stick to a schedule, but life gets in the way. As a wife, mom, and student, you can only imagine what my day looks like. It changes often, and without warning. So, I fit it in when I can. Well, I have been known to. My goal this month is to try and establish a regular schedule. I’ll track my progress and keep you all updated. I sense this will change. A lot.

This week, I carved out a total of 3 hours a day to sit down and write. I was successful 4 days in not being distracted. I also did some editing of my work and took a couple breather days to let it marinate.


There you have it. My weekly goals. Since I still have work to do, I’m not going to make any new goals. Not yet.

I’ll keep my progress updated.

I wish you a productive week!


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