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35 Facts about Me

In the spirit of the meme going around Twitter, I’d like to share some facts about me.

1. I am an animal lover and have been since I was a child. I respect wildlife and love to watch Animal Planet.

I used to love feeding the ducks and birds

2. When I was a kid, our family used to go camping every summer.

My sister Amanda and I

3. My dad worked for Sears and my siblings and I used to wash his van together. We have many memories playing around in soapy water.

Amanda, Joe, and I washing my dad’s Sears van.

4. We loved to visit Wet n Wild Water park, especially on company picnics.

At Wet n Wild Water park in El Paso, Tx

5. When I was little, my siblings and I had many barbie sets. We would take up the whole bedroom as Barbie World and play for hours.

My barbie grocery store

6. My parents had a garden and my dad would let me believe that I was tilling the ground.

Tilling in the garden

7. Living in the desert, there is a lot of dirt. I used to build sand castles and catch horny toads and lizards.

Next to my dad’s 57′ Chevy

8. I used to love picture day at school because we would pretend to paint the backdrops. Although, I used to try and steal the brush.

Kindergarten school pictures

9. My great grandma Virginia used to let me nap in her lap.

Grandma Virginia and I at nap time

10. I used to sit outside with my dad while he worked on his motorcycle, built the front porch, and worked in his shed.

On the porch to my house in Chaparral, NM before my dad added a screened in porch

11. I used to try and stand like my brother and sister when they would play ball. I wanted to be like them.

Joe and I

12. My brother, Joe and I used to be into showing off our school crafts. Also, we always had amazing t-shirts.

Joe and I

13. I was raised in the catholic church. I attended Christ the Savior until I was confirmed.

My first holy communion

14. In middle school, I joined the choir and have loved singing all my life.

Chaparral Middle School Chorus

15. I graduated from Gadsden High School in 2006. Anthony, NM.

Gadsden High School

16. I once cut my hair on a dare and went from long hair to a pixie. I’ve yet to grow it back out to the length I had.

Long hair

17. I married my husband, Ernie in 2012.

My husband and I in 2013

18. My uncle Jeff used to babysit me and my cousins. We were into wrestling, video games, touch football, sports, star wars figuring, comic books, and more. So many fun memories. Like running to 3rd base instead of 1st when we were playing baseball. haha

Irene, Jeff, and I

19. In college, I loved taking a break from working the desk and taking a nap on a really comfortable chair. Too many times did I get caught sleeping in the lobby of Monagle Hall at NMSU.

NMSU Monagle Hall 2008

20. Me and my sister, Erika are guilty of posing like this way too often. lol

Erika and I

21. I have a very big family full of cousins and our favorite memories all come from my Mamaw’s house. All under one roof, I’ve never felt more at home smelling bacon and her making us omelets on Sunday mornings. Walking to church and chattering her ear off, making her laugh, and helping her pick out things from her catalogs are some of my favorite memories.

Cousins galore

22. My mom used to take us on trips to Arizona to see family or to Old Mesilla to have fun.

My mom with my brother and I

23. I have been White Water River rafting!

Colorado 2005

24. I spent 2 summers in Trinidad, Colorado for a college prep summer program. I had so much fun.

Colorado 2005

25. In college, I was in the Masterworks, Gospel, and Concert Choirs at NMSU.

Masterworks Choir NMSU

26. I worked as a Resident Assistant for Monagle Hall for two years at NMSU.


27. I helped campaign for Obama’s presidency in 2008. I cried the night he won.

Obama Campaign

28. My best friend Jessica and I met in 2006. We’ve been friends for nearly 13 years.

Jess and I during the Pancake Supper at NMSU

29. I was a member of Phi Sigma Pi, a national honor fraternity.

Phi Sigma Pi

30. Lakeisha and Lucy were in the gospel choir. These ladies brought me a lot of laughter and joy. They are the most supportive and motivational women. I miss them every day and they still hold my best college memories.

Lakeisha, Lucy, and I

31. I have two children with amazing personalities and we are all goofballs. They are my favorite humans ever.

Damian and Arielle at the Natural History Museum

32. I worked in North Dakota for the NRCS in 2011. I spent the summer there with amazing people.

Park River, North Dakota 4th of July Parade

33. In 2015, my bf Jessica and my family spent a week in San Antonio. We had dinner at the Tower of America’s, visited the Alamo, had dinner at The Time Machine, went to the zoo, the aquarium, and dined with Orcas.

Dining with Shamu
Jess, the kids, and I entering the shark tank

34. I love elephants.

Dells, Wisconsin

35. I’m currently working on a WIP about faeries and mermaids who go to war to save the seven kingdoms of Tara Oban.

Mermaid I found on Pinterest

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