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I have a dream…

For Today’s blog, I wrote a poem inspired by the “I have a Dream” speech. I hope you find it inspiring.

I have a Dream…That all men will be created Equal

“I have a dream,” he said.

He spoke of trials and tribulations

People on a quest to freedom

In the years since, we have accomplished little

For, racism of other race is still present

MLK dreamt of a world where “all men are created equal”

Great strides have been taken, you see

But, we still face the same issue today

When will his dream become reality?

I stand up and say, that all men are not created equal

The color of our skin, the pennies in our banks,

Education level and citizenship all play a role

In the down taking of MLK’s dream.

Now, I have the same dream.

I dream for all to be created equal.

For people to stop throwing the “good book” down

Twisting the word of god to something evil

To something that advances their tainted belief

I want acceptance for all, for no fear of persecution

I dream that one day, like MLK, that oppression be erased

I dream of boys and girls of all races to grow

To know they are fearless and worthy

Their potential is not wasted by their ethnicity

Are we not all immigrants? Are we all not human?

Blood is red no matter whose flesh you cut

I dream that the crookedness of politics be straightened

Our leaders dream big things for us, instead of ruin

Lands be clean and open for dwellers

Food plentiful for all to fill their bellies

Hopeful eyes instead of fearsome

Like MLK, I dream of freedom for all

Who am I, you ask? Why do I want these things?

I am the same as you. I breathe and bleed as you do

I am a human being who wishes the same for all

When will our dreams become a reality?

Will there ever be freedom? Will the hatred end?

I hold to hope and lay down at night with it strong in my heart

I close my eyes and hope that one day

All men will be created equal

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