Wednesday Goal Tracker

Hi, everyone!

I hope everyone had a productive week. Let’s begin by starting out with my last week’s progress. I told you all about my Zumba and Yoga sessions. I’m happy to report that I’m still doing that daily. I do take Sunday’s off! Always remember to take your rest day.

This week, as promised, I’m making new goals. First, I’d like to share with you my goals for 2019. They are what I am aiming for this year. This is a page from my planner. You’ll see that I tried to make realistic goals that incorporate my mind, body, and spirit. I want to do a lot of things that I’ve been doing all my life.

My 2019 Goals

Next, I’m happy to report, I’m still getting out of the house. I have been going to the library, different hot spots around town, and around campus. This week my goals for travel are: visit the library at least twice

  • Visit the library at least twice
  • Visit a restaurant or coffee shop once
Use your time wisely

I am someone that is always doing something. I have school, practicum (work), writing, my blog, caring for my kids, and being a wife. So, I like to use all the time I can. When writing, I seize those little pockets of time. I write a poem or a blurb. I can write a short story in an hour. So, whatever time you have, seize it. Even if it sucks, you can still rewrite it. Don’t feel like you’re wasting your time. Writing is never wasting time!

Never look back

My goals for school this semester align with my writing schedule. So, on top of my 3 days/week blogging, I have assignments due on Fridays and Wednesdays. When I’m not doing assignments, I’m working or writing. Family time is set for right after school. I get to have fun with my family and eat a nice meal. Then, when the kids are fed, bathed, and in bed, it’s my time to seize the night.

I can do it!

I set goals for school and work. So this week, I need to get my assignments done and do all my readings. Then, I’m going to be taking the time to write, edit, and rewrite. My goals are:

  • Get assignments due Friday done by Wednesday.
  • Get assignments due Sunday done by Friday
  • Write nightly at least 2k words.
  • Do practicum work by Wednesday
  • Zumba and Yoga mornings
  • Don’t give up!

All of these are measurable. I’m going to be keeping track in my planner and calendar. I also have alarms on my phone and I write in a goal journal daily with gains or losses.

What are your weekly goals? Are they realistic? How will you successfully complete them?

I’ll check in next week with my goal progress. Have a productive week!

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