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What Stifles Your Ability to Write?

As writers, we tend to be temperamental at times. As humans, there are moments in life when we are sick, hurt, and stifled. We fail to gain our creative flow. We churn out dark images and stories. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but if it’s all there is flowing out, it becomes redundant. We don’t grow.

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So, what do you do when you feel stifled? Do you go for a walk? Meditate? Turn to friends and family? What is your process?

I’ve written a series of 3 poems that represent inner struggles. To show what creative stunting does to me as a writer.

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Here Again

I’m here again, I know it well

An event I’d dated from before

The outcome changes and I try to grow

Then it comes around, and I freeze once more

The creative juices run dry

I fail to keep a dry eye

I let my mind plummet into the abyss

I tend to wallow in the darkness

Once I’ve wallowed, I let it all in

But only for one full day

In the end, I wake up again

It’s time for a new day

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I bite my cheek to hide

The words inside me

Words too hateful to utter

Only at times can I let them go

To avoid the thunder of long ago

I bite my tongue and taste the blood

Patience will yield under the hood

A new day begins the start of an adventure

Words unspoken stay where they belong

Inside the stories of another’s dream.


I sit down to write my story

Snippets of moments to record

Days I truly feel inspired

A flow of words that transpire

The words bring me joy

I am proud of my attempts

There will come another day

When my words create a dent

Today I struggle

Tomorrow I succeed

There will never be a day

When my story goes unread

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