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Author Interview with Caleb Wright


Caleb Wright grew up loving dragons, mythical creatures, mythology, and the endless possibilities’ imagination could provide him. He hopes to publish many stories for Young adults, New adults, and all alike. This book, The Odyssey of the Dragolitha may only be his Debut novel, yet he has so many more stories to tell. Keep an open eye for this rising author as he communicates and collaborates with the writing communities that surround him.

The Odyssey of the Dragolithia Series

The Odyssey of the Dragolitha Book Series. Right now I am engaged in editing the third installment of this five book series. It captures the imagination of dragons battling mythical creatures, adventuring in space, conflicts between gods and deities, and building a universe around five main characters. Diving into the series at first can feel quick moving, but once you adapt to the flow of battle and the tension in the story, it becomes a welcomed trait.

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What inspired you to first start writing? Is your motivation to write now different or the same as before?

There was an old PlayStation one game called ‘Legend of the Dragoon.’ It was about 5 people who became half dragons through soul gems and fought against evil forces. It was one of my most cherished games back when I grew up and had a large influence on the production of this book series. My daughter Soori, is my other joy that I write for. So many stories have been produced that do not treat women as amazing, powerful idealistic characters. So, I wanted to create a universe that my daughter could love that had strong women, emotional men, friendship, and teamwork.

Writers are projected as loners or introverts. Is this true for you?

I would say I am in the odds of different. I stand out as highly sociable and talkative to many around me.

What genre do you like to write in? Why?

I love Sci-fi Fantasy because science and fiction feel right in my mind. I love exploring the capabilities and the originality that a book can contain this genre.

How often do you write and what schedule to you like to keep?

I tend to write during my work lunch breaks, and at night when my daughter is tucked away in bed.

What is the easiest part of writing to you?

I’d say creating new things seems smooth for me. Making a new name, a new language, a new character, or a new design I can do rapidly.

Can you share any tips on inspiring other writers to pursue their dreams?

Please just write every day. People pick up on your passion and if you are truly excited about what you are writing you can inspire others to grow with you. It doesn’t matter if we can’t create the next Harry Potter, what matters is our stories are told. With the help of editors and beta readers and friends, your story can come to life.

What is your favorite thing about being a writer? Why?

I like to think my ambitious series hones in on Narnia, Harry Potter, Lord of the rings, and Percy Jackson. Though I can’t claim one series to majorly symbolize, I draw on elements from all of them to craft a fun and inviting the world.

Does a bad review affect your writing?

Only in a positive way. My very first review on one of my books was how desperately it needed editing. I approached it at first upset as any of us would, but then considered how I could become stronger to avoid that mindset the next time. Other reviewers disagreed with the review and mentioned other points that were more important to focus on. I learned that one review shouldn’t alter how you think, but rather empower you to just grow better.

What did you want to be when you grew up as a child?

A Tiger. 😀

What book have you read that has been the most life changing?

Of Mice and Men

Are you working on anything right now? If so, what can you share?

Besides the Odyssey of the Dragolitha Series, I am writing and almost done with a co-authored book ‘Wandering Souls’, and I started in on ‘The Last Emerald Tiger’.

Who is in your support system? How do they keep you motivated?

More people than I can easily list. But they all cheer me on as I cheer them.

Do you keep a blog or a journal? How does it help you as a writer?

It’s all locked in my head. If I am working on three books at once when I write some details down, otherwise, I am able to retain it all.

Do you have any daily mantras? What do you tell yourself to keep your inspiration alive?

Better Together

What is one thing you want people to know about you as a writer? A person?

His passions were fueled by his failures.

What are your career goals?

To write and publish at least 50 Books and 10 Novellas.

How will you handle fame if/when you reach that level? How do you think it will change your writing?

I will have to Micromanage how I utilize time during my day and make those who I care about understand that I still care, but that time is stretched out more.

What advice would you give your younger self about writing?

Read more, practice writing, let people critique it.

Have you ever considered writing an autobiography?

I will probably do it one day, but part of me wants to do it fantasy style in the third person. 😀

How did you celebrate the launch of your book?

Started writing the 2nd book.

If given the chance, what author would you interview? What is the most important question you would ask?

J.K. Rowling. I would ask her how she built the world of Harry Potter and what ran through her mind when creating it.

Have you experienced writer’s block? How do you handle it?

Yes, I usually contact friends and tell them the point where I am at. Then after discussion and their ideas, I can usually overcome it.

What would you tell others who are considering traditional/self-publishing? Any advice?

Traditional publishing will take longer, but you shouldn’t have any upfront cost. You will lose a little creative control depending on who you go with, but it will get you opportunities that may be harder to achieve as a self-published author. The journey as a self-publisher is a more personal one. You can also do this for free, however, it is highly suggested you invest in areas to polish and refine your work. As at the end of the day you have to consider the editing, book cover, and all the other variables.

What do you want to be remembered for as a writer? A person?

I want to be remembered as the one who always said, why not, tried new things and cared for others.

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