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Autism and how frustrating IEPs can be. They don’t always help in educational milestones.

There are times when being a mother is overwhelming. Add having a child with autism to the mix and it gets more complicated. I have two children and they both have different learning styles. Arielle is able to keep up with her peers and has developing skills with reading and writing. I recently had a parent teacher’s conference and I was satisfied with her progress.

Flashback a month to Damian’s progress and there is where my frustration grows. I have things to be thankful for in his learning. His current teacher was his SPED teacher last year and knows how to work with his learning style. However, in a class full of 24 students, he drowns. Recently, he was tested on his reading, writing, and math skills. To my surprise, he tested at a developing pre-school aged child.

His IEP states that he is to receive a certain amount of time for speech, writing, math, and reading help. Even at the time that he’s at, his progress has been the same. I will report that we recently increased his time 175 minutes and I’m hoping that will make a difference. Crossing my fingers.

As his mother, I’m frustrated that in a combination of my at homework with him and his school studies, he isn’t even at a Kindergarten reading level. Mind you, we read every night, we practice flashcards, and he works on at home iStation. So, in all the activities and extra help, he seems to be only retaining so much.

Alas because of this and the fact that we will be moving states soon, I’m looking into retaining him. New Mexico uses the common core structure in learning and Texas has a different system. So, I’m curious to see how different Damian’s progress will be measured.

I continue to work with him at home, we do lots of flashcards, fun games, iStation, and writing exercises. There is still progress being made and I’m not giving up. He is a brilliant boy when it comes to space and science. I know that as he grows, his skills will too.

If you have a special needs child, you know the struggles I face. The only thing I can say is that he’s the best part of my day. Despite the challenges faced, I learn more about life and compassion every day. It’s not easy, but I enjoy the work.

Keep us in your thoughts and send Damian a virtual hug and urge of support.


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