Bold and Bright

You fear what you cannot see

A dark dreary place scares you

To me, a mystery is yet to be uncovered

I want to know what hides beyond

Taking a step, I am engulfed in shadow

The thump of my heart increases every step

Encircled in darkness, I listen to the earth

My feet sink into mud, stumble over roots

I train my ears to hear the sounds of nature

Displacing my fear, I am free to wander

When I step through the crowded green blanket

A waterfall opens and I see the sky open

Welcoming me into the brightest beauty

Nature opens to call my name loudly

The fear I fought through brings hope

A journey of struggle and pain

Became the brightest day

I’m bold and free to run as I please

I’ll not be handled or enfolded neatly

My spirit soars while I run through the water

A brightened beauty blossomed free

Take a step and follow my path

I can promise it will be unique

Come bask in the joy with me

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