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Behavior Management in School

This semester is my last in school and I have a lot going on. I’m preparing for graduation, moving to a new city/state, and a new job. So, there are a lot of changes happening at home. Arielle’s teacher, counselor, and principal have shared with me some behaviors that are cause for concern.

It is frustrating to see that her behavior is inconsistent from home to school. Here at home, we have a way of dealing with her behavior and we discipline with positive reinforcement. If she behaves, we praise her and she earns her “tablet time.” This also means that when she displays negative or disrespectful behaviors she loses her “tablet time.” We have it down to a science how to deal with her behavior and how to get her to pay attention and follow directions.

Well, it is more difficult when I have school professionals asking me what my parenting techniques are and implying it is my responsibility to ensure her behavior is manageable when I’m not there. I talked to her before school and went over the rules, we talked about her roles and consequences. I thought I had it covered by going over the rules and she told me she’d behave.

First, let me say that she is 5 years old and has trouble managing her behavior. She lacks self-regulation skills. I work with her at home and we go over coping skills and strategies. So, it is difficult that I’m able to manage behavior at home and she isn’t getting the same help in school. I’m in no way blaming the teacher. She has 24 other students to tend to and educate. I understand how difficult it is to teach a lesson when a student is crawling all over the floor and disrupting class. (My daughter, ladies and gentlemen.)

I practice wellness with her. We do deep breathing when she is upset and in class, I’m told she does yoga with her classmates. There is already a plan in place for positive reinforcement, however, I feel that I need to look outside the box to encourage her to behave. Arielle did express to me that she doesn’t like her teacher.

Personally, I feel that my husband and I are very strict with her and her teacher lets her walk all over her. So, there are some inconsistent disciplinary practices going on at school. I will update you with progress later, but right now we are going to try and increase our practices and try and talk it out.

Kids are so sensitive and my daughter has a rebellious streak. Parenting doesn’t come with a manual, but luckily there is plenty of literature and help from child psychologists to help me along with the behavior issues I do see.

Have you had any similar issues? How do you handle them? What is your process? I’d love to hear from you.

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