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The Archives of Icínq-Régn, Book I: The Heirs of Menonias Book Review

I was immediately intrigued based on the first page of the book. The characters hooked me in, the story propelled me forward, and the adventure kept me involved in the story. I spent a lot of time reading the book in increments simply by wanting to know what would happen next. I liked the stories and how they were separately and how they connected.

I was very happy with the amount of details provided. You get an image of what is happening around you. The author was skilled in providing a great picture with vivid imagery. His storytelling was to be admired. I felt the history gave me the reason behind the evil lurking to destroy the last heirs. I was so enthralled with the world the author created. The characters were very developed and I felt connected to each one for different reasons.

I felt like I was growing right along with the characters. The author is skilled at having a unique story and unique characters that stand out. It was nice to see how they started off unaware and simply unsure of their abilities. Later, you see them struggle and grow. I felt it was a great thing to witness and I felt proud of their journey.

I’m looking forward to the next book in the series.

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