Green and Growing

Green and Growing

Wild and new

Buds blooming

towards new life

A break in the flow

From your steps

Evil intent brewing


A man huddles in darkness

Watching for clues

An innocent suspect

Moving about unknowing

What lies in plain sight


Day turns to night

Doors left unlocked

Creeping inside

He shows himself

Weapon in hand

Opening doors

To a sleeping man


Eyes closed breath deep

Evil lashes and slashes

White turn to red

Eyes turn to glass

Life ends with death


Sneaking out unseen

Slippery as a snake

Back into the wild

From where he came

Slowly moving

Into the trees


In the morning

The green still glows

But inside a house

Shock grows wild

Once clean is tainted

Trampled and strung

A new emotion

Quickly replaces

The green that grows

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