The sapling grew once Long ago

A child’s laughter fills the soul

Among the green and pleasant glow

Roots dig deep into the soil

Strong and long among the rest

A place for a child to know the best

There’s crevices to lift and bend

Growing high as the sky gleams clear

Not a shimmer or dip is near

Vast and low the valley roams

A village nestled within the hills

Happy homes and bright futures

Another plan to go with laughter

Shadowed by the tall and strong

Animals build their homes inside

Shading from the rain that filters down

Clashing to the floor weighed down

A death brings new life below now

A breath of mother nature’s gift

To rest a mother’s baby steps

Unnoticed by a man who walks

The tree grows slowly higher still

Blooms and gloom come and go

Year after year in a cycle so dear

Thousands of years to come around

Roots grow deeper under the ground

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