Pounding and knocking fill my head My throat scratches and goes aflame Laughter gives me joy most times Right now, it reverberates down my spine Hot tea and vapor rub at my side Meds are taking me for a ride Aches and pains are taking their toll My head hangs over the steam bowl Breathing


As the school year comes to an end, there are so many changes in my future. First, I'm graduating from NMSU with my Bachelor's Degree in Social Work. I'm happy to have been honored with a leaderships stole and I'm graduating with honors. It's such a huge accomplishment for me. My academic successes make me


Stand tall open wide Taste the fear inside Walk alone if need be Don’t back down on knees Spread your wings fly high It won’t be painful for long Speak your truth to all Even if they won’t listen Your words will ring true Don’t fear retribution Follow no one but yourself Listen to the


Standing strong in the face Of Adversity, I am strong My words speak the truth You seek but fear yourself My hands mold my future My feet forge the path . Moving forward despite Being held back by Bonds surrounding me Telling me No each step Bruised and bloodied I go Moving slower but steady