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Rare Blood (The Miranda Chronicles Book 1) Book Review

Rare Blood is written by Susan Old and tells the tale of Miranda Ortega. A writer who meets Tristan Mordecai and is introduced to a world of vampires who happened to be assassins.

Miranda is a southern girl moved to the city to become a writer. When Tristan Mordecai tried to tell her he’s a vampire, she thinks he’s insane. As her publisher turned editor, he keeps her close until he reveals himself to her. Soon, he seduces her with his looks and charming personality. Miranda tried to steel his advances and rebels by trying to keep her distance. But not for too long.

Thrust into Tristan’s world and an international organization of vampire assassins, they set to use their power, wealth, and connections to thrive as one. It doesn’t take long before Miranda’s world changes forever and she’s more than ever entangled in the world of vampires. Anything she wants can be provided for her, but she’ll never be able to be free again.

Susan Old brings complexity, humor, and a unique take on the world of vampires. The characters were dynamic, interesting, and at times odd. The story was compelling and the story was dark with a somewhat stylistically appealing tone that I enjoyed. I felt the story propelled forward and brought new exciting life to vampires and the world of Miranda Ortega.

Look out for Book 2 coming soon.

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