Pounding and knocking fill my head

My throat scratches and goes aflame

Laughter gives me joy most times

Right now, it reverberates down my spine

Hot tea and vapor rub at my side

Meds are taking me for a ride

Aches and pains are taking their toll

My head hangs over the steam bowl

Breathing deep, I pray for relief

My eyes droop and I pray for sleep

Wide awake I watch my screen

My heart pierces as I cause strife

I went away to read a book

I returned with a pained look

My heart is filled with support and love

Apologies for my outlook

My emotional state is not to be trusted

I made a mess and now I’m busted

I hate to let out my complaints

Too many have more important fights

I sit with my tea and hope to see

Tomorrow will be a day I am free

Fiddles and Giggles, my misfits

I’m sorry I caused a fight with my fits.

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