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The Magician’s Sin Book Review

Book Blurb:

Anson Walker is a retired wizard who has spent the last two decades trying to put his past to rest. His cynical retirement is thrown into chaos when the daughter of his ex-wife hires him to rescue her mother from the dark forces who’ve taken her. The kidnapping is only days before the Aberration, a time every century when the rules of magic don’t apply. Anson’s investigation reveals an ancient conspiracy, the return of a decades-old nemesis, and feelings he thought long gone. Will he rescue his old flame, or succumb to the forces against him?

My thoughts:

I found Thomas did a great job of describing Anson and his journey. I get lost when there are backstory and flashbacks at times in other books. This was not one of those books where I got lost. It was a well organized book and allowed the reader to see into what was going on and what had happened in the past to get there. I enjoyed the magical elements and enjoyed the dark forces stroy line. The world building was well thought out and I found it intriguing and fun to see explored. I quite enjoy that he chose the 30s for his story to take place in rather than the modern time frame. It always gives me a boost of excitement to see authors choose the early decades.

The battles were epic and super enthralling. The storyline was great to decipher and kept me wanting to know more as the story went on. Fighting demons or saving his ex-wife showed the struggle was real. The adventure is fast-paced and obstacles tend to get in the way. It’s a good read and keeps you wanting more. I highly recommend reading this fantasy novel. It’s unique and I really enjoyed it.

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