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Many changes have happened in the short month since I’ve last updated. After graduating, I took a week to pack up all my belongings and I moved to Chaparral New Mexico. I now live near my mom, sisters, and brother. I also moved closer to my family and look forward to reconnecting with them now that I don’t live so far. I’ve been taking my time settling in and trying to make my new home feel cozy and warm. Last month, I made a summer goal list and I’ve already started working on all the items I listed.

First, I haven’t started to build a garden outside, however, I did start planting flowers. I have a few pots going and I’ll move them to the outside garden once they begin to flourish. I started growing cosmos, pansies, and my daughter, Arielle, decided to try her luck growing a sunflower from a seed. Here are a few pictures of our progress so far.

The middle shoot is the sunflower. Arielle is proud that she was able to grow something on her own.
The shoots are just starting to poke through.
Only one shoot and it looks a little sad. I hope it will flourish.

Second, I wanted to get a dog for my kids. At first, I thought of getting them two puppies, however, it seemed like too much work. Instead, I found a 6-month old Collie mix and he has been a dream. His name is Buddy and he loves to go places with us, pounce through the park, go up and down the skate park, poke his nose in strangers junk (lol), and be a part of all our travels. He is so well behaved and we’ve taken quite a shine to him. He even has his own Instagram page @buddyg918 you can go add him and see what adventures this bighearted Collie goes on. Here are a few pictures of our Buddy.

Buddy loves to cuddle on the couch with the kids and stretch out to sleep at night.
We have a big yard and Buddy enjoys chasing rabbits, taking frogs out of their holes, and finding places to explore in the desert so rich in animals and plants.
Buddy enjoys laying outside on the steps in the shade.
I enjoy that he lays by my side during the day and fits right into our home.

Third, one of my goals was to go camping this summer. Thanks to Open Door Baptist Church, which I joined recently, we are going on a retreat next month. I’m looking forward to going with the kids. This will be their first time camping and Buddy is going to tag along too. We go to riverside campground along Caballo Lake. It’s a great place to go camping and my family used to go every summer when I was a child. I’m glad to start passing that tradition along to my kids.

Image result for riverside campground caballo lake nm
Caballo Lake State Park
Image result for riverside campground caballo lake nm
Caballo Lake State Park
Image result for riverside campground caballo lake nm
Caballo Lake State Park

Next, I have begun studying for my liscensure exam. By end of summer, I’ll be ready to take the test. I have some work to do before I’m ready.

Lastly, my goal was to finish my WIPs. In the event that I moved and graduated, I’ve been too tied up to write much. However, I’ve read a few books and will be continuing to read and do book reviews on my site. Right now, I’m trying to get my barrings and settle in. My goal this summer is to do one book review a week. That seems like plenty of time to read and give my feedback on each book I choose. The Twitter Writing Community have given me a great list to choose from.

Mr Fothergill’s
Wilson Bros Gardens

I plan to plant flowers and plants and to begin and continue to do fun things. This Saturday, I’ll be taking the kids to the water park at Sue Young Park. I can’t wait to see the kids and Buddy get wet and have fun.

This is going to be my June. What does your June look like?

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  1. Wow, what a difference a month makes! Buddy is absolutely beautiful and sounds like he’s a star. Love the plants and the plans. Have a great June, Ruth and fam!

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