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Zoo of the Dead Book Review

Zoo of the Dead and other horrific tales by Iseult Murphy.

Iseult wrote a collection of horrific tales and I have to say that I really really enjoyed them. I’ve written my review in general terms for each story she wrote. I tried to keep any spoilers from appearing in my review. I made comments about what I enjoyed and at the bottom, I’ve given an overall review of what I thought about the book as a whole.

First, Here is the description:

Ever wondered what it would be like to see a loved one in a zoo exhibit? How about where Death takes his girlfriend on their dates, or what kind of client a zombie private detective might have? Well, wonder no more! ‘Zoo of the Dead and other horrific tales’ compiles six of Iseult Murphy’s horror shorts for the first time in one collection, together with the three brand new toe curling tales.

My Review:

Zoo of the Dead:

Harrison and Keith visit the Zoo of the dead in the Transformative Oddities section, they hurry along to see the creatures coming out of their shed. I was thoroughly engrossed in Harrison’s connection to one of them. That was a pretty cool twist at the end of the story. Also, I really enjoyed how the author sectioned off the zoo in colors and titles. It gave it a real feel of walking into zones. The descriptions and imagery were a nice detail to give it that horror feel. I enjoyed this story and its ability for a few moments to raise the hair on my arms.

The Vilage Shop:

Short but sweet and to the point. Serves him right.

Topper’s Shop:

The shop reminds me of a shop I visited in my childhood, without the creepy guy and the magic. I found this story to be a bit sad but interesting. If we all could give up what Sarah did to find happiness, I think it would be a little brighter place.

Clothes Make the Man:

Tracy’s story was like every girl in the club vowing for attention from a man using her sexuality. Only this time, she got the losing end of the stick. Ha. That was a pretty interesting ending. I love it.

Death’s Girlfriend:

A cleverly cute way to tell a story about the grim reaper and his equally demented girlfriend. I have to say, that’s one of the most intriguing storylines I’ve read. Cute, bubbly, and dreadfully deadly. Yikes, what a way to go.

Who’s for Dinner? :

I loved this story. I felt it had the mesh of bringing your girlfriend to meet your mother and the end of a horror movie. It had the perfect amount of emotion and I enjoyed the ending. I did not expect the twist of Lucy’s identity. Pretty awesome stuff. Poor stupid Phillip. Ha!

Felus Demonicus:

I love shapeshifting and animals who appear to be dead relative stories. I’ve read things like it before, but I enjoyed the harsh and eerie way the author told this story. She has a gift for storytelling and intertwining the horror into the story in subtle ways.

Checking Out:

I really enjoy how the author paints a picture. I can visualize and see exactly what Karen is doing while she moves from one task to the next. I admire that in a writer. The story was compelling and actually quite a statement. It hit something inside of me to know that struggles leave us feeling hopeless and we wish for death. Though, when you think of what you leave behind, you realize that it’s worth the fight. Great message and great storytelling.

Dead Jimmy and The Selkie:

Ha! That was a cute story. I really loved the author’s humor.

My Thoughts as a whole:

I enjoyed the creativity, storytelling, and horror mixed with a bit of humor. I enjoyed that the author took the time to make the stories relatable and enjoyable. The ability to tell a story and keep you engaged was great. I think the way she twines from one story to another makes me want to continue reading it more and more. I recommend this highly to fellow readers.

Thanks, Iseult! I loved it.

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