Next Steps

I remember that day in detail

When the doctor came in to tell me the news

I was diagnosed and there was nothing I could do

For days, I cried. I had nothing left

My emotions clouded my judgement

I could get no rest

My hair was falling out

My weight had dropped so low

I didn’t know if death was coming soon

They poured medication through me

All the changes I remember

Side effects that made me even sicker

Surgery two was done and I knew

I’d get relief soon, I hoped

When I gained weight, I celebrated

My hair came back, and I delighted

I praised the lord for making me better

It took years to gain this feeling

More surgeries and medications

I stood one day to see I’d changed

The broken girl gone and replaced

A smile upon her face

Next steps begin to shape

Moving through life with purpose

Going slowly, she paces

For the world gives second chances

Enjoying life and its simple moments

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