It started in small increments with people I didn’t know

To be included in the fun amid everyone

The people I joined my fellow brothers

I knew the price to pay would be steep

As time went on, it turned into a crutch

I knew it would soon be all I could touch


For a year, I hid behind a closed door

A man on the floor surrounded by darkness

The minutes turned into hours that turned into days

I was slowly losing my mind in all types of ways


When it began to take over my entire ability

I chose to stand up and choose my sanity

I sought help in a program and worked it hard

Now, I can say that I’m no longer in regard

My system is clean, it will remain the same

For I can say that I’m Sober


I thank the lord for his guidance and direction

I found the steps to lead me where I was meant

I welcome the days and the hardtimes

To know that no matter what I face, my vices are away

I seek the words that he speaks to me

Forever Sober, I will be

8 thoughts on “Sober”

  1. I thought as I read, that it was your poem, until I hit the bit about being a man. And then I read what you wrote, about sharing your favourite peoms. lol.
    Congratulations on 8 years of slaying a demon. 8 years straight. You should be proud.

    1. It’s cool. 🙂 Hope you are well. I’ve been a little MIA in the Twitter chat. Divorce has been my focus and trying to not go crazy. Plus, trying to pay attention to my kids so they don’t feel the hurt from our separation.

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