Vintuli’s Beginning (Short Story)

I like to write passages and POVs of different characters before writing my novels. Vintuli is my main character. My fantasy novel is set in a mythical world I created called Tara Oban. Enjoy! Vintuli POV Today is the day. I can finally be called a man amongst my father and the elders. I stand


I've been hearing about so many vacations that people are planning for the summer and It's made me go through my photo albums to look at places I've gone throughout the years. It's not feasible for me to go on vacation now, but a girl can dream, right? So, I thought in the spirit of

Poetry Collection Release Date Announcement

Hi! For the past few months, I've been organizing a poetry collection that I will be releasing on September 3, 2019! The countdown begins! 🙂 I've titled it Bleeding Orchid Poetry Collection. This will be showing my journey from diagnosis to remission and beyond. I was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease in 2015 and It's been


Many changes have happened in the short month since I've last updated. After graduating, I took a week to pack up all my belongings and I moved to Chaparral New Mexico. I now live near my mom, sisters, and brother. I also moved closer to my family and look forward to reconnecting with them now