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Trip to the El Paso Zoo

The El Paso Zoo is a 35-acre facility with over 220 species of animals. It is located on Piasano in El Paso, Texas. The zoo is an accredited member of the Association of zoos and aquariums. The zoo has endangered animals including the Mexican Grey Wolf, Amur Leopard, and the Aruba rattlesnake.

The sections of the El Paso zoo currently are Africa, Asia, and Americas. The park includes a splash park, a tree house playground, train, and an endangered species carousel.

Family Splash pad

The splash pad has shade, several sized water spouts, and a large area for families to relax. It is located next to the playground and next to a set of restaurants and bathrooms.

Picture not mine. Attribution:

The playground is a large area for children to play and is located in a central location for families to use the splash pad, eat lunch, or take some time to relax.

Picture not mine. Attribution: B575 [CC BY-SA 3.0 (] The train ride surrounds the African animals at the zoo. The price is adult $2.00 and children $1.50.

The African Star train surrounds the African animals at the zoo and you get a better view into some enclosures from the train. Make sure to keep your hands and arms inside the train to avoid hitting mesquite bushes and for safety reasons. The price is low and the ride enjoyable.

The carousel is a way to go on a ride and to learn about endangered species. The cost is $1.50.

Inside the zoo stands the amphitheater where they hold a Wings of the Desert bird show. These birds are endangered or part of the program due to not being able to survive in the wild.

While I sat in the amphitheater, we were introduced to ducks, chihuahuas, macaws, a crane, a macaw, a vulture, a pelican, and more. All of these animals are from deserts around the world and from our very own Chihuahua desert.

For our family trip, we went to the bird show first after taking a picture of the schedule of the day. Each day, the zoo posts a schedule of shows and training sessions on a board. We went on a Saturday. So, here is what the board shows.

Entrance schedule

Here is our picture once we settled into the amphitheater.

While walking around after the bird show, a zoo employee had a box turtle set out to educate guests. The box turtle was sick and on the mend.

We went to see the sea lion training session where we learned all about Albee. Albee is a male sea lion who was getting a medical check done. They fed him 9 lbs of fish and we learned he eats 28 lbs of fish a day. That’s a lot of fish. He was fed mackerel, squid, herring, and a treat made with shrimp.


After the sea lion training session, we went to the passport cafe to eat lunch. It was 91 degrees outside and we were starting to sweat. Inside the cafe, it was nicely air conditioned. We bought some zoo memorabilia cups and water bottle and some food.

The passport cafe is located near the sea lion exhibit.

Picture not mine


Damian was super thirsty and opted for power aid. The zoo promotes saving the sea turtles and opts out of providing straws. Skip the straw!
Arielle opted for some fruit juice and got a cute little bottle to take along. Using reusable bottles saves on trash.
I also opted for poweraid for hydration and to avoid having to refill. You can purchase these drinks for around $4. You can go to any place in the zoo and get a refill for $1.50. We opted for filling our cups with water from the fountains placed around the zoo.
The kids shared a pizza in which we took half home.
I opted for the turkey club and took half home. It was so hot outside, we didn’t eat much.

Next, we went to the splash pad where the kids were able to get wet and cool off in the hot sun.

Arielle felt a lot cooler and refreshed after her time at the splash pad.
This area was really nice to relax in. There was plenty of shade and sitting area.
Damian sure had a blast.
Damian really had fun and he didn’t want to leave.
Arielle made tons of friends and ran around with them all day.

Next, we took a trip around the enclosures where I didn’t take my phone out. I really wanted to enjoy the animals. So, I didn’t take pictures of many of them. Arielle really loved the zebra enclosure. Damian loved the elephants. I loved it all.

I did manage to get this picture of Arielle in awed of the elephant.
Damian had his back to me and turned at the right moment when I snapped this. He loved the elephants.

The train ride was really cute and the kids had a great time on it.

Look at that cheesy grin.
Shout out to the lady who covered her face in the photo. Haha!

There you have it! We had a great time and spent 5 hours at the zoo. I walked around 3 miles that day. My feet are still hurting, but it was all worth it.

If you want to go to the zoo in El Paso, I highly recommend it. It is a great place to visit. You can take food into the park to avoid restaurants. Just make sure not to take any glass or alcohol.

Ticket prices are $12 for adults unless you are a senior, you can get in for $9. Children get in for $9.50.

If you have been to the El Paso zoo, share with me your favorite things you did on your trip. Who was your favorite animal? Exhibit? Show? Attraction?

Featured image attribution: KVIA

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