Would You?

What if you could see inside my mind?

If you could hear my brain process situations

If you could hear my formulated thoughts

My opinions, my observations, my disagreements

The things I think but don’t say out loud

Would you still see me the same way?


Our society is easily offended these days

Not willing to agree to disagree on views

Wanting everyone to accept them

Not willingly accepting others in turn

If you could read my mind

Would you still see me the same way?


If I love you but disagree with you

If I tell you that you are wrong in silence

Unspoken opinions, unspoken anger, unspoken confusion

If you could hear that I don’t always like you

If you annoy me, upset me, anger me

Would you still see me the same way?


If I told you I curse you inside of my mind

Get upset when you say offensive things

Get hurt when you inadvertinely hurt me

Don’t apologize when you disgrace me

Judge me when I fear speaking aloud

Would you still see me the same way?


If I cancel meetings, party invitations, group invites

If I don’t tell you that I’m uncomfortable with you looking at me

I’m embarrassed of my weight gain, health issues, and ostomy

I fear being judged because my marriage failed, my parenting struggles

If I tell you I’m insecure around others because I can’t trust

Would you see me the same way?


If I isolate myself and communicate through the internet

If I formulate opinions based on what you post

If I cry alone when the anxiety and stress are too much

If I say that I put up a brave face to ensure my family, I’m okay

I hide behind my comedy, smile, and talking too much

Only to know that it’s a mask to hide my emotions

Would you still see me the same way?


Would you?

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