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It seems like so much has happened since my monthly update. Well, it’s true. So much in my life is changing and I’m trying to roll with it and let the pieces fall where they are meant.

First let me touch on the books I’m reading and the book reviews that will be coming out very soon. If you remember from my July post, I listed 4 books. I reviewed two of them and I’ve yet to get to the other two. This is such a weird area for me because I read all the time, normally. However, with everything going on in my life, I’ve had a hard time getting my reading in.


So, I am starting Bits and Pieces by Dawn Hosmer and hopefully I’ll get the review up by next Sunday.

Then, I’ll be moving on to The View From my Makeup Collection by Win Charles and will try to get it done by the next Sunday.

I’m not making any promises because there is so much on my plate, but I promise to do my best to stick to those timelines.

I also had a PR Manager reach out and ask me to read and review two books by authors. So, I agreed and will be reading Divorce is Murder: A Toby Wong Novel by Elka Ray

I will also be reading Gumshoe Blues: The Peter Ord Yarns by Paul Brazill.

So, look out for those reviews soon!

If you remember, I took a Twitter break for a week to replenish and recharge. That break ended up being a good decision because I was able to focus on work (like my poetry collection) that I’d been neglecting. That break was needed and I was welcomed back with open arms by the amazing Writing Community.

My Poetry Collection:

I am so happy to say that I’m finalizing my book and it’s almost ready for publishing. I’m releasing it on e-book on September 3. If you check out my Twitter and Instagram page, you can see that I’ve been posting a daily countdown, I’ve posted 2 cover teasers, and I’ve posted a couple sneak peeks of the poems in my book.

I will be doing my cover reveal on August 15. So, look out for that.

Life Updates:

There have been some changes to my life recently that all amount to big, tough, life changing, and life altering events. Here is a list.

  • Moving

If you didn’t know already, I graduated from NMSU recently with my degree. We lived in family housing and had to move after I finished school. In the wake of my graduation, I was also separated from my (now) ex-husband and filing for divorce. (I’m not going to go into detail on this.) We moved closer to my mom and my siblings because it was the best move for the circumstances and because I missed them terribly.

  • Homeschooling

I’d been thinking of doing this for some time due to issues the kids were having in public school. My kids were having issues and I was called quite frequently due to their academic performance, behavior, or illness. It was becoming all consuming to have to go to the school constantly because my kids were sent to the office for xyz.

When we moved, we came out here to Chaparral (New Mexico), and I put the kids in summer school. Immediately, the school told me that because of Arielle’s behaviors, she would have to be removed from summer school. I was upset about this because it seemed the issues followed us in our move. However, instead of freaking out and getting upset, I went online and began to do some research.

In this time, Damian was getting notes home from his teacher telling me that he was refusing to do his work. Every day I would pick him up and his teacher would tell me that he sat there and didn’t do his work. I didn’t realize until it was too late that he’d been asking for help and they kept telling him to do his work on his own. What they failed to realize was that Damian can’t read. They expected him to do what the other kids were doing.

If you didn’t know, my son is on the autism spectrum.

I should point out that Damian has an IEP and in it, it states that he can’t read and the teacher is required to read the directions to him and to help him complete the assignment when it involves writing. They did not do this and I asked myself a very important question: “Is this how it is going to be all year long?” I had some really real fears take hold.

My answer was, yes. So, I made the decision to homeschool my kids and I am glad that I did. If you’d like to follow on our journey with homeschooling, you can follow us on our new website:

You can also follow along on our Instagram page:

Update on Events from July

I had made a list of events that were coming up in July. I’d like to take this time to update you on those.

  1. I stated that our church was hosting a Life Groups Event (Open Door Baptist Church). This event went well, we went to our Pastor’s home and watched the 2nd Left Behind movie along with our bible study.
  2. We had our camping retreat at Caballo Lake. We had such a good time and the kids loved camping (it was their first time). We took our dogs and it was an experience, that’s for sure. They are puppies and understandably a little nervous, wary, and a bit whiny. We had a good time bonding as a church and we were able to have time to gather, eat, enjoy nature, and our Sunday service was at the camp ground. I chose not to be on my phone during that trip and it was a nice getaway.
  3. I stated that Author interviews may be reinstated. Truthfully, that is on hold at the moment until I can get a better schedule put in place for our family.

Upcoming Events

  • Poetry Collection Release Date (Sep 3!)
  • Arielle will be having surgery to remove her tonsils (Sep 20) 🙁

Special Mention

Today is my mom’s birthday! Happy Birthday, mom!

Old picture, but I love her smile.

I hope you enjoy the rest of August.

Ruth Anne

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