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A Writer’s Curse: The Never Ending Idea List

Creativity is an amazing thing, most days. But, what it can become, is a curse. Why, you ask? Well, let me tell you. As a writer, I enjoy growing and finding new ways to tell stories. I have a running list of ideas and there never seems to be an end in sight. I’m sure that you can relate if you are a writer. Some can organize ideas and get to them later. Some have a list a mile long and it never seems to end. That’s where I lie. While, I’m not a published author, that doesn’t mean I’m not an author.

A little background:

I started writing in 2015 when I fell ill. I say that I started writing this year because it is when I started taking it seriously. It became a passion of mine. It was a form of expression and a way to keep my mind busy while I avoided my health issues. But, what I’ve been doing these last four years, is growing. In the time that I’ve grown, I have 35 finished manuscripts. These are all unedited but I’m proud to say that I finished them.

As writers, we have so many ideas and I’m sure your list as just as long as mine. I’m sharing the first 5 books (unedited manuscript) with a description that I’ve written. These are not published.

I could publish them, but they really need editing and I know they are not as well written as they could be. But, I’m proud of them and am sharing with you the covers and a little description. Then at the bottom, I’ll share a number of temporary covers with books I’ve written, half-written, started on, and still want to write.


Let’s get started! 🙂

Lydia Travis has known nothing but isolation and control. Fear of making mistakes and stepping out of line. Head of her father’s marketing company, she oozes perfection and success. Respected in her field, she is lacking that personal connection. Amy, her secretary seems to be the only person she feels comfortable with. A lonely existence but safe. Jackson Holloway seems to think he can weasel his way into her life and become a love interest as he starts at her firm. It’s not until he realizes that her past contains dark secrets and pain that he changes his tune. What started as a chase for her affections becomes a need to protect and build an honest future.

Temporary Cover

Rancher Wil lives in the deep mountains of Montana on a ranch that’s been in his family for generations. Olivia is hired on as the Moreland Ranch Veterinarian for a mare with a difficult pregnancy. As she’s welcomed in as a member of the family, her failing marriage is brought to the surface. Secrets she tries to keep come to light and Wil Moreland does whatever he can to save her.

Temporary Cover
Moreland Ranch Sequel

Olivia Radford leads her own Veterinary practice in the Sweet Grass Hills of Montana. Her history with Moreland Ranch is a long one. With years of healing under her belt, she’s ready to open her heart back up to the possibility of love and family. Amelia is a lead designer at Dave’s design. She’s been put in charge of a major account and with responsibility comes success. Her unwillingness to move on since a tragic event hinders her family ties.

Temporary Cover

Eleanor Lewis lives for her father’s approval. All her life, she’s danced to make him happy. They had the closest bond as a duo. As Eleanor enters high school, her father falls ill and dies suddenly. As she grieves, she finds she’s accepted to be a dancer in Mullen Studios, a top company in the country. With her beginning practices, she finds she’s being followed by a strange man. It turns out her father had secrets and she’s the one to pay for them.

Temporary Cover

Two kids meet one summer at Eagle Cove and form a friendship with the animals that inhabit the waters and land. Their favorite thing to do is watch the Orcas break the water. Each summer they come together and enjoy the cove. As adults, they return after a six year break to find the cove is in desperate need of protection. A developer wants to turn Eagle Cove into a private island for the rich. A fight for wildlife, ways of life, and their sacred place, ensues. Only one will win.

Temporary Cover

Here is a gallery of temporary covers. I made them only for visual references.

What is on your never ending idea list? Is it as extensive as mine? Do you have ideas and cover ideas fleshed out? I know, I’m crazy. But, I need to be organized if I’m ever going to write them/finish writing them.

I look forward to hearing your list and what you’re working on. 🙂

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