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I realize that I missed September, but I had a good reason. I released my poetry book!

So much has been going on in the month of September that I had to stop and think about what to talk about. First, my book is out in e-book and paperback version. Links are in my pinned post.

Second, I’ve been spending my month preparing for NaNoWriMo! This will be the first time I’m participating. So, I’ve been doing tons of planning and such. If you are participating, leave me your username and I’ll add you as a Buddy. 🙂

I’m also still reading books and posting reviews. If your review is not on this page, I probably didn’t finish it. Sorry! Some books just aren’t my style and I find hard to read. So, I’m trying.

At the moment, I’ve been reading some books for fun to entertain myself. I’ll be posting more reviews soon. I may even ask to interview you. 🙂

Other than that, I finished my first 9 weeks homeschooling my kids. It’s been crazy, fun, and overwhelming at times. I absolutely love it, even on hard days.

I’ll be posting an update at the end of the month for the remaining two weeks of this month. I realized that I’ve been posting in the middle of the month. I’ll be changing that to the end to encompass the entire month.

I’ve started reading and writing short stories for a collection that I want to release soon. I will make announcements in the future. It will take me months to write, edit, and compile them. So, I may try and aim for September 2020. This will likely change.

Until then, follow me on Twitter @weirdwordist or jot down a comment in the section to keep up to date.

What are your plans for Halloween? My kids are going as Ariel (mermaid) and Spiderman! It should be a great time.

Happy October!

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