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End of the Month Update

As stated before, I’m changing the date to my updates. Today is the final day of October.

National Novel Writing Month starts tomorrow! I’m participating for the first time. If you are doing it too, add me as a Buddy! (Leave your username below)

My short story collection is coming along. I’ve planned and figured out what my plan will be for the next year.

Today is Halloween and here are a few pictures from history that I’d thought I’d share.

Sorry, Erika

Are you dressing up for Halloween? What will you be?

How was your month?

1 thought on “End of the Month Update”

  1. I could only see the first picture. Looking good, Ruth! I’m excited to read your short story collection. I read 17 books in October and posted 27 horror book reviews on my blog, so I’m pleased with that. I sold 2 short stories in October too, so that’s also good. They’ll both be published in November, so I’m looking forward to that and doing NaNoWriMo again and reading my first Nora Roberts book.

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