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Hey, all!

I’m participating in NaNoWriMo for the first time this year. I’m writing a book called: Fallen Flock.


Adira Mirkin is the next Victim of the Majestic Flock, the most sought-after fraternity in Brosden. After training with the Black Jay Army, she’s targeted by a rogue member and nearly sacrificed in an unauthorized ritual. As she recovers from her injuries, Jays are being sacrificed by the same ritual she survived. It’s a race against the clock to track and stop the Majestic Flock before they pick off the Jay’s and the enemy Raven’s infiltrate and destroy Brosden.


Conrad Mirkin sped down the center lane, sirens blazing, lights changing, cars pulling off to the side to let the ambulance through. His partner readied supplies based on the circumstances of the call they were rushing to. A female lay on the streets of the district naked, stabbed, and set on fire, a staple Majestic Flock ritual, and the forth one this month. The streets were nearly empty this time of night, it was easy to navigate through the Black District, making turns and screeching to a halt in the center of the Black Jay quad near the flashing police and fire trucks.
In an instant, Conrad parked and was out of the truck slinging a bag over his shoulder after his partner and slipping his hands into a pear of blue gloves. As he walked toward the crowd, he glanced to his right to see a familiar nearly burnt red coat. His pulse accelerated and he quickened his steps to where a fireman was crouched down. The moment he saw the victim’s face, his heart sunk. Adrenaline slowly seeped into his system making him keenly aware of each movement he made.
On autopilot, he replaced the fireman with his shaky hands on the chest of the victim to continue chest compressions, his partner placing a mask over her face. As he worked steadily, he felt sweat pooling down his back, his heartbeat was thudding wildly, and his system was jolting as he looked upon the face of his sister, Adira. As he worked, he recalled the phone call he’d received from her hours before. “Hey, Ace. Still shaping those grunts into soldiers?”
Adira laughed with her melodic and throaty voice, “You know it. Listen, our meeting is running long, Pierce and I are going to plot out some drills. Can we take a rain check on dinner?”
Conrad was distracted by a call coming in on the radio and dismissed her, “Gotta run, sweetheart. No worries, dinner tomorrow.” He’d hung up before she’d responded and failed to hear the tremor in her voice or how hard she was breathing.
Now, pumping into her chest, he recalled details he hadn’t quite caught before. Guilt clawed into his gut and clung as air whooshed out of her lungs and he had her back. He put a cuff on her arm and pumped it to check her blood pressure, his partner was quickly seeing to her burns and lacerations. He saw her eyes flutter open momentarily, “Adira, can you hear me?” Panic edged its way in his voice when he saw how pale and fragile, she appeared. “Adira?”
In his whole life, he’d not once seen her as frail and small as he did now. This was the girl who kicked his ass, put him in a headlock, or went to bat for him growing up. The strongest woman he’d ever known, who had gotten through boot camp with little effort and climbed the latter to be the most decorated female in the Black Jay Army. The Army protecting the streets of Brosden from the Ravens who wanted to kill its citizens and replace it with its own flock.
As they loaded her on a gurney, he watched her hand lift and her lips move. When they had her loaded and strapped, he leaned over her, “What? Tell me.”
He could only fear a faint whisper, but it was clear, “Raven.”
“We’ve got you, you hear me? We’ve got you.” Conrad hurried into the driver’s seat and guided the ambulance back on the street and sped off hoping to God that they made it in time to get her into surgery. The anger spread, his body felt hot, his eyes were sharp as he took the turn into the medical wing four minutes later. He skidded to a stop by the double electrical doors and a team of nurses were waiting for them.
Before he could walk around the back of the truck, they had her out and were running her down the hall and yelling, “We’re losing her!”

Current Word count/Progress

I have been trying to write a little bit everyday. I have mostly succeeded, but I’ve missed a few days as well.

My current word count is 18,168.

Are you participating? If so, follow me and become my buddy. I like to be supportive to others and I could use the encouragement myself.

Good luck!

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  1. You’re doing great, Ruth. I love the sound of your book. Great except too, thank you for sharing. My health was bad this week, so I’m way behind, but I’m hoping to catch up on week three.

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