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Book Review: Naked in Death by J.D. Robb


Here is the novel that started it all- the first book in J.D. Robb’s number-one New York Times-bestselling In Death series, featuring New York homicide detective Lieutenant Eve Dallas and Roarke.

It is the year 2058, and technology now completely rules the world. But New York City Detective Eve Dallas knows that the irresistible impulses of the human heart are still ruled by just one thing: passion.

When a senator’s daughter is killed, the secret life of prostitution she’d been leading is revealed. The high-profile case takes Lieutenant Eve Dallas into the rarefied circles of Washington politics and society. Further complicating matters is Eve’s growing attraction to Roarke, who is one of the wealthiest and most influential men on the planet, devilishly handsome… and the leading suspect in the investigation.


Eve Dallas

Eve Dallas is a lieutenant and has been for the last decade. She’s all about her job and keeps to the rules. She lives by routine and takes the law seriously. With a dark past, she tends to compartmentalize things and has nightmares that often come up with cases similar to her past. Apart from her trust issues, she’s someone with integrity, heart, and compassion.


Roarke is an Irish Billionaire with charisma, looks, money, and class. He owns companies, residents, businesses, and has long lasting business relationships all over the world. He’s careful in his acquaintances, a collector of weapons from all ages. He’s got tact, and he’s a gentleman with morals and character.

Future Elements

I enjoyed the future elements of the book. It is set in 2028 and includes technology, weapons, transportation, droids, and food/drink that are not of our time. I enjoy how they speak of laws that changed the way things are done. It also includes differences in foods, how some are not real. Especially coffee. I liked the way the future elements are played into the story and they aren’t overly used or too far-fetched that you’d roll your eyes. I quite enjoyed them.


“You know, lieutenant, you wear your weapon the way other women wear pearls.” -Roarke
“It’s not a fashion accessory.” -Eve

“Roarke, what’s going on here?’
‘Lieutenant.’ He leaned forward, touched his lips to hers. ‘Indications are we’re having a romance.”

“DeBlass’s eyes darted left and right. His breathing grew hard and fast.
“My client does not acknowledge ownership of the weapon in question.”
“Your client’s scum.”
The lawyer puffed up. “Lieutenant Dallas, you’re speaking of a United States Senator.”
“That makes him elected scum.”

My Thoughts

I absolutely loved this book and give it 5 stars. I loved Eve and how she is the lead investigator of the Senator’s daughter’s murder. I think the way the story is presented is so expertly done. It reminds me of a crime drama, with romantic overtones. Also given the crimes are of a sexual nature, it reminds me of Law and Order: SVU a little bit. I could totally see this on screen. Add in the romantic entanglement with Eve and Roarke, relationships between colleagues, political gain, and future elements, and you have one epic story.

I can’t wait to read the next in the series and I sense an addition to these characters coming on! I’m so upset with myself for waiting so long to read this series. I’m so glad that I did and look forward to more.

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