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Bizarre and Funny Laws in New Mexico

I thought it would be fun today, to bring you a topic that is a bit of a head scratcher, will make you laugh, and make you say, “Really?”

Here are some crazy laws in my state that are still effective today. I’ve attached a few of the actual law numbers, if I could find it. Others I’ve found on some other resource sites.


  • It is a petty misdemeanor to spit on any public property building or sidewalk. 30-8-12
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  • It is a 4th-degree felony to challenge someone to a duel with a deadly weapon or to accept a duel even if that duel never happens. 30-20-11
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  • It is a misdemeanor if you trip a horse. It is also a 4th-degree felony if the horse is injured. 30-18-11
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  • It is a petty misdemeanor if you sing the state or national anthem incorrectly in public. 30-21-5
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  • It is a petty misdemeanor if you throw an object on the field during an athletic event. 30-20-18
Image result for athletic field
  • Indecent waitereing is when someone shows his or her privates while serving food and drinks. 30-9-14.2.
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  • In Las Cruces, you may not carry a lunchbox down main street.
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  • In Albuquerque, cab drivers are not permitted to reach out and pull potential customers into their cabs.
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  • In Omega, it is illegal for a woman to ride a horse unless she is wearing a corset.
Image result for woman on a horse with corset
  • In Quemado, if a newspaper spells your name incorrectly, it may be subject to fines.
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  • Male nudity is allowed in public, provided the genitals are properly covered.
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  • In Carlsbad, it is against the law for couples to engage in a sexual act while on lunch break in a parked vehicle.
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  • The Merriam-Webster Collegiate Dictionary is banned in Carlsbad.
Image result for Merriam-Webster Collegiate
  • State officials ordered 400 words of “sexually explicit material” to be cut from Romeo and Juliet
Image result for romeo and juliet book
  • In Carrizozo, it is forbidden for a female to appear unshaven in public.
Image result for woman with hairy legs
  • In Deming, people may not spit on the steps of the opera house.
Image result for deming new mexico opera house
  • In Deming, hunting is prohibited in Mountain View Cemetery
Image result for deming cemetery
  • In Raton, it is illegal for a woman to ride a horse down a public street in a kimono.
Image result for woman on horse in komono
  • In Albuquerque, women may walk in public topless as long as their nipples are covered.
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Some of these made me laugh and some are just weird and stupid. But there you have it. Some really strange laws that are still in affect in the state of New Mexico.

Tell me what did you find most surprising? Stupid? Funny?

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