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Fostering A Puppy-Cookie

Cookie is a Yellow Lab Mix born November 17, 2019. At four months old, we are fostering him from El Paso In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, there are many shelters all over the world facing a crisis.

People are abandoning pets at shelters and they simply don’t have the resources to support the huge influx of animals. On a Facebook post, I saw El Paso was advertising and seeking 400 foster families for pets.

This was to ensure that the pets would be cared for and avoid being put down. I immediately called and said that I could help.

I already have 2 dogs, but I could help if it was a younger dog. So, we went right away and picked up Cookie. Usually the shelters will provide a leash, a crate, food, and any supplies that are needed.

In the midst of the crisis, they did not have any supplies to give. So, I took him home.

This is him on our way home in the car.

On our way home, we discovered he had a cough and was sneezing. It’s not uncommon for dogs who come into a shelter to develop kennel cough. We called right away and the next day, we took him to get evaluated.

Unfortunately, he did have it. The shelter provided medication and the Vet visit.

Since then, he’s been doing much better. It was a very mild case. She’s been on antibiotics for a couple of days, his cough is nearly gone.

He’s very sweet. We have had him in complete isolation. He’s not been in contact with our dogs. So, we’re keeping him a bit longer (up to 7 days) before letting them meet.

Cookie is playful, loves toys, loves to run, and is extremely sweet and loving.

We’re honored to have him in our home.

I think he looks a little like Buddy. I think they’ll be great brothers.

Here are my pups.

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