Book Review: Mine Until Moonlight by Jennifer Bernard It’s a fine line between feuding and flirting... Ever since Megan Miller arrived in stunning Lost Harbor, Alaska, she’s been at odds with boat captain Lucas Holt. They’re opposites in every way. She’s a city girl, he’s from an Alaska homestead. She runs nature tours, he’s all about big-money charters. He’s also arrogant, annoying

Asher’s Promise COMING FEBRUARY 2021

I've written a ton of novels and have agonized over publishing. I'm putting my foot in the water and I'm going for it. Coming FEB 2021 The first book in the Burke series will be available on Amazon. Asher's Promise: Asher Burke runs the family business with his brothers. He's hard-working, determined, and stubborn. Traits

Book Review: Burn for Me by Lea Coll We went from working on opposite sides of the courtroom to working for the same law firm. Working together reveals a whole new side to Logan Gray. Is he playing me or is he not the man I thought he was? Now we're in competition for the same promotion and nothing will stand in

Book Review: Minus by Jack Davenport Burning Saints MC outcast, “Minus” Vincent, has been summoned out of exile by the Club’s President for reasons unknown. Upon his return, he finds himself tempted by forbidden fruit of the past that has only gotten sweeter with time. Christina "Cricket" Wallace knows exactly what kind of life she wants, and it's far from

Book Review: Bitter Heat by Mia Knight A cruel twist of fate leaves Jasmine Hennessy stranded in a remote cabin with her worst nightmare—her ex-husband, James Roth, who she hasn’t seen in five years. He isn’t acting like the man she married, but did she ever really know him? One night together kicks off a series of events that threatens her