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Life on the Homestead

Well…it technically isn’t a homestead, but I like to think we’re on our way in that direction.

I talked briefly about some changes we’re making here in another blog post.

I’m going to begin this post as the start to a series on my homestead fun.

We’ve started a garden and we got our baby chicks. So, here is an update.

Baby Chicks

On April 23, our chicks were born. We got them the day after. They’ve been in a brooder box and they’ve been doing really well. Our dogs are interesting in all the cheeping. They sure get loud when we feed them.

This was the day we brought them home.

April 24, 2020

Introducing the chicks. I chose the names from all my favorite Nora Roberts characters.

Wednesday, the chicks will be 2 weeks old. These photos will show they’ve started to get their feathers. It’s pretty interesting to see how the feathers change their color. They all have quite the personalities. I’ve discovered Rowan is a Rhode Island Red. The others are Easter Eggers. I’m excited to see how much much they grow.


We started planting in pots and we’ve had some hits and misses. We killed some flowers. I’ll admit, they are very sensitive. I have garlic, pineapple, carrots, and broccoli growing from scraps.

I have basil, cilantro, thyme, sage, and parsley growing in containers and will be transplanted outside in the garden soon.

We attempted to build a fence around the garden area and it failed. It failed because we chose material too weak. The dogs managed to get in and snapped the poles. So, we’re starting over with stronger fencing and stronger poles. For now, I’ll provide you with what it looked like before and after my dog got in and ripped open the soil bags.

These are just the small changes we’ve made. We’ll keep you updated on the progress we make. Our chicken coop will be built and ready to move early June.

We’ll have tons of projects that we’re doing. I recently made orange juice. I’ll add in some how-to’s and some other fun things . Topics include canning, cooking, gardening, raising chickens, and more.

I hope you keep up to date on our little adventure.

Thanks for joining and see you next time on a new blog series I’m calling

Ruth Anne’s Homestead. 🙂

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