Book Review: Chesapeake Bay Saga by Nora Roberts

Sea Swept


A champion boat racer, Cameron Quinn traveled the world spending his winnings on champagne and women. But when his dying father called him home to care for Seth, a troubled young boy not unlike Cameron once was, his life changed overnight…

After years of independence, Cameron had to learn to live with his brothers again, while he struggled with cooking, cleaning, and caring for a difficult boy. Old rivalries and new resentments flared between Cameron and his brothers, but they tried to put aside their differences for Seth’s sake. In the end, a social worker would decide Seth’s fate, and as tough as she was beautiful, she had the power to bring the Quinns together–or tear them apart…

My Thoughts:

Cameron Quinn is a man who races and lives in the fast lane. On one of his nightly sensual adventures, his world crashes down on him. He races home to the only father he’s ever known who is fighting to live after an accident. As he’s dealing with the death of his father, he meets Seth, the newest Quinn boy to be taken in by Raymond Quinn. Like his brothers, they were given a home after experiencing terrible childhoods. Cameron is forced to give up his fast-paced lifestyle to care for the newest Quinn and stay in his small town of Chesapeake.

Anna Spinelli is Seth’s caseworker and meets Cameron Quinn on her first home visit. Determined to move him to foster care, she has little faith the Quinn brothers can raise a ten-year-old boy with their lifestyles with the trauma he’s endured. Quickly, she’s drawn to the family and the need for Seth to have the best home for him. Dealing with an ugly past of her own, she yearns for him to adjust and be well taken care of. In the process, she deals with her own feelings when she gets tangled up with Cameron.

Bonds, obstacles, hearts, and the future will be tested and the Quinns will have to stick together.

I absolutely was gravitated toward this story because of my social work heart. Anna was my favorite and I ended up relating to her in this book. I feel for Seth and like each Quinn brother for different reasons. Cameron’s heart was something I loved watching change.

Rising Tides


Ethan Quinn shares his late father’s passion for the ocean, and he’s determined to make the family boat-building business a success. But as well as looking out for his young brother Seth, the strong but guarded Quinn is also battling some difficult home truths.

Grace Monroe, the woman Ethan has always loves but never believed he could have, is learning that appearances can be deceptive. For beneath Ethan’s still, dark waters lies a shocking past. With Grace’s help, can he overcome the shadows that haunt him and finally accept who he is?

My Thoughts:

Ethan is as steady as the water he catches crabs in. He’s patient and quiet. He uses few words because when he speaks, it means something. As Cam and Anna are off in Italy, he cares for Seth. In the mean time, he deals with his own past. His feels get tangled and mixed with what happened to him as a boy and how he can help Seth deal with what’s happened to him. They may be similar pasts, but Ethan had it worse. He doesn’t speak of it until Seth really needs to hear it.

Grace is a single mother to two-year-old Aubrey. She works for what she has and is proud of what life she’s forged. Estranged from her father, she is too proud to ask for help. She works three jobs to pay for her home and care for her daughter. Ethan has known her since she was a girl and starts to impose his ideas on what she should be doing.

Their feelings get mixed up in Seth and in each other. I found watching these two guarded people break down their walls was a treat. They each had things to deal with but only could when they did it together.

Inner Harbor


Third in the sweeping Chesapeake quartet, about three brothers who come together in a time of need. They honored their father’s wish to raise young Seth as their own. And with all of the brothers home again, the Quinn family has never been so strong. But in the months to come, their strength is tested–once again.

Phillip Quinn has done everything to make his life seem perfect. With his career on the fast track and a condo overlooking the Harbor, his life on the street is firmly in the past. But one look at Seth and he’s reminded of the boy he once was…

Phillip intends to fulfill his father’s dying request and considers Seth to be a duty. But he never expected he would grow to love Seth, and soon his promise to his father has become more than just an obligation. Seth’s future as a Quinn seems assured–until a stranger arrives in town. She claims to be researching St. Christopher’s for her new book, but the true objects of study are the Quinns. Her cool reserve intrigues Phillip. He is determined to uncover her motives, but she is holding a secret that has the power to threaten the life the brothers have made for Seth. A secret that could tear the family apart… forever.

My Thoughts:

 Sybil really was someone that I had a hard time connecting with until we find out what her connection to Seth is. I found that the emotion buried inside of her flowed out into the story. I also feel that Phillip was very forgiving when most wouldn’t be. Many would’ve dismissed her actions and never looked back. Instead, he had compassion for her upbringing and showed empathy. He understood her because he related to her. They made the perfect pair and it was endearing to see him struggle to fall. Finding a woman as perfect as your mother just made my heart squeeze. He wanted someone who could fill those qualities and it was sweet that he had that yearning. This series coming to an end with Seth (as a boy) feeling safe, made my heart full. Watching Phil fall for Seth when he didn’t want to, that brought tears to my eyes.

Chesapeake Blue


Seth Quinn is finally home.

It’s been a long journey. After a harrowing boyhood with his drug-addicted mother, Seth had been taken in by the Quinn family, growing up with three older brothers who’d watched over him with love.

Now a grown man returning from Europe as a successful painter, Seth is settling down on Maryland’s Eastern Shore, surrounded once again by Cam, Ethan, and Phil, their wives and children, and all the blessed chaos of the extended Quinn clan. Finally, he’s back in the little blue-and-white house where there’s always a boat at the dock, a rocker on the porch, and a dog in the yard.

Still, a lot has changed in St. Christopher’s since he’s been gone—and the most intriguing change of all is the presence of Dru Whitcomb Banks. A city girl who has opened a florist shop in this seaside town, she craves independence and the challenge of establishing herself without the influence of her wealthy connections. In Seth, she sees another kind of challenge—a challenge that she can’t resist.

But storms are brewing that are about to put their relationship to the test. Dru’s past has made her sensitive to deception and slow to trust. And Seth’s past has made him a target of blackmail—as a secret he’s kept hidden for years threatens to explode, destroying his new life and his new love.

My Thoughts:

Seth’s story takes place 18 years after the third novel and is probably the one that I gravitated to the most throughout this series. To finally get to see him be happy and move on from his painful past, gives me joy. The Quinn brothers and their family really do show that through love, anything can mend and grow stronger.

Drusilla is the granddaughter of a senator and born from a wealthy family. To get away from the expectations of her family and be her own person, she settles in St. Christopher. She runs a flower shop where Seth meets her. Seth struggles with his past, deals with what is, and plans a future he can finally look forward to.

The ending to this series was bittersweet. I absolutely love the Quinn family and it was hard to say goodbye to them. In fact, I’ve read this series three times now and it will be one to go back to again when I’m in need of a great family story.

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