Book Review: Mosaic by Dawn Hosmer



Mosaic is a collection of very short stories, ranging from scary pieces to those full of hope. Through these stories, I hope to provide glimpses into what it means to be human. Each of us is made up of many different pieces that, when fit together, make a beautiful, messy whole. Those tiny pieces in and of themselves don’t mean much and are easily overlooked. But, when we put them all together, a full picture of what it means to be human starts to form. 

My Thoughts:

4 stars

Dawn Hosmer is an exceptional writer. After reading both her books, Bits and Pieces and The End of Echoes, I was hooked. I’ve enjoyed her tweets and it’s nice to get to see them in this collection. As promised, it gives you the life at different points. I really enjoyed these. There are several that I would love for her to elaborate on. Maybe a short story or even a a novel. That would be pretty awesome.

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