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Book Review: Return to Hades and other Adventures by Iseult Murphy

Return to Hades and Other Adventures


A time cell. A dying alien. A former slave, desperate to get answers.Ebony, fugitive, with only the lonely life of a space dog scavenging in the junk belt to return to. A time travel technology that can kill. New perspectives. Old enemies. Any room for hope?Will Ebony find peace, or will she regret her return to Hades?A collection of 12 fantasy, horror and science fiction stories. Time travel with a space dog. Search for a missing child with a woman who can hear the song of creation. Find out where a leprechaun really keeps his gold. Get lost in worlds that will thrill, entertain and leave you wanting more. 

My Thoughts:

This is my second novel reading Murphy’s work and it only gets better. Not only does she provide you with engaging stories, she entertains and leaves an imprint. Murphy is gifted in showing us a picture, keeping us engaged, and providing the reader with entertainment. In, “A Tracker Becoming,” the author paints a vivid picture full of action, imagery, and adventure. It was the first in this collection and sets the tone for the remainder of the collection.

Her characters, settings and adventures allows the reader to follow along. The versatility in genre shines through. The raw and realness makes you connect to the character and story in a way that leaves you wanting more. I often fond myself wanting to read more. In Murphy fashion, she’s incredibly talented and I look forward to reading more of her work.

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