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Book Review: Her Eyes Underwater by Ramona Simon


A frightening and thrilling look at the endless possibilities of first encounters.

If someone seems too good to be true…

In the vast and pristine wilderness of 1970s Montana, people have been disappearing.

Julia Strauss, a restless university student with a taste for adventure, is unaware and unconcerned. During a chance encounter at a café, she finds the excitement she’s been searching for in the form of the captivating Alex Bowman. He’s handsome, polite, mysterious, and everything she desires in a man.

She becomes intrigued following their baffling first interactions and pursues him eagerly. She feels a need to both solve him and have him for herself.

Unbeknownst to her, his cultivated persona melts away to reveal something frightening and unforgiving when they’re apart. This true-crime inspired story reveals the secrets that can hide behind an elegant mask and the flaws that people ignore in the haze of infatuation. Will Julia discover the truth before it’s too late?

This is the first book in an as-yet-unnamed series, but can be enjoyed on its own.

My Thoughts

This book had an interesting premise, I like that it was based on real events. I found it difficult to get into the book. I found the first part was a little slow. I took some breaks in reading and returned to find myself struggling to get into it. However, as the action began to pick up and we found more about the story, I was able to read the rest of the book rather quickly.

There was suspense, intrigue, and romance and it had qualities that are right up my alley for the genre I enjoy reading. I’d say overall, this book was well-written and the second half was engaging.

I found the ending quite exciting and it blows the mind a little.

I received a free copy of this book by book sirens in exchange for an honest review

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