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Book Review: Cowboys Don’t Stay by Anne McAllister


Rodeo cowboy Noah Tanner spent his life going down the road. He never stopped. He never stayed –until rehab from an accident stuck him in Laramie, Wyoming over the holidays.

So, fine. He’d stay with Tess. Who better to spend Christmas with than the gorgeous nurse who’d patched him up once before?

Once Tess Montgomery had loved Noah. She still had him to thank for her greatest gift — Susannah — the child Noah never knew he had.
Then Noah met Susannah, and his world changed. But could a footloose cowboy settle down? Be a dad? Show the only woman he’d ever loved that this time he was here to stay?

Or was it too late? Would Tess ever trust him with her heart again?

My Thoughts:

This was a cute story where Noah, a bronc rider, lives by the rodeo. He never stays in one place for long. After getting hit by a Semi, he’s thrust into the hospital and has a long recovery ahead of him. For now, his nurse is a blast from the past.

Cute story, lots of sweetness, and a good ending. I enjoyed it. The Christmas theme of the book was perfect for the season. I loved how sweet Noah could be.

Tess struggles with her fears, trust, and heart

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