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Book Review: River’s End by Nora Roberts


Olivia’s parents were among Hollywood’s golden couples…until the night a monster came and took her mother away forever. A monster with the face of her father…

Sheltered from the truth, an older Olivia only dimly recalls her night of terror—but her recurring nightmares make her realize she must piece together the real story. Assisted by Noah Brady, the son of the police detective who found her cowering in her closet so many years before, she may have her chance. Noah wants to reconstruct the night that has become an infamous part of Hollywood history. He also wants to help Olivia and heal the longing in her lonely heart. But once the door to her past is opened, there’s no telling what’s waiting on the other side. For somewhere, not too far away, the monster walks again…

My Thoughts:

One of my favorite books of all time. I love that it has all my favorite things. Crime, romance, and nature all wrapped in for a thrilling and enthralling love story. The trials and tribulations that a young person can go through, shapes who we are. Noah breaking down those fears and showing Olivia that a better life is possible, gives hope. I truly love this book and have read it several times over the last few years. It is a classic and is always readily available when I need it.

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