Book Review: Killman Creek (Stillhouse Lake #2) by Rachel Caine


Every time Gwen closed her eyes, she saw him in her nightmares. Now her eyes are open, and he’s not going away.

Gwen Proctor won the battle to save her kids from her ex-husband, serial killer Melvin Royal, and his league of psychotic accomplices. But the war isn’t over. Not since Melvin broke out of prison. Not since she received a chilling text…

You’re not safe anywhere now.

Her refuge at Stillhouse Lake has become a trap. Gwen leaves her children in the protective custody of a fortified, well-armed neighbor. Now, with the help of Sam Cade, brother of one of Melvin’s victims, Gwen is going hunting. She’s learned how from one of the sickest killers alive.

But what she’s up against is beyond anything she feared—a sophisticated and savage mind game calculated to destroy her. As trust beyond her small circle of friends begins to vanish, Gwen has only fury and vengeance to believe in as she closes in on her prey. And sure as the night, one of them will die.

My Thoughts:

The sequel to Stillhouse Lake was just as riveting as the first. I found the change in POV was smartly executed. It added to the suspense and gave insight into what was happening from different vantage points of the story. I really enjoyed it and spent my Friday with my nose in the book. It was a page-turner.

In the sequel to Stillhouse Lake, Gwen saves her kids from Melvin Royal but the danger is still in the air. Her kids may be safe from her husband, but there are other dangers out there. When she receives a mysterious text, she must decipher what the text means and what to do about it. Unwilling to be a sitting duck, she decides to enlist the help of Sam Cade to go hunting. Through a series of travels and struggles, she finds the answers she needs. Her kids are left in the care of a man she trusts, she seeks out those who deem to destroy her and her children’s lives. With blood in her eyes and revenge in her heart, she vows that one of them will die. Who will it be? Again, I was enthralled with the book and couldn’t put it down.

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