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Book Review: Landing Eagle by Harley Stone


One last time.

That’s the promise Naomi and Eagle break every time the whiskey flows.

Focusing on her hard-earned military career, Naomi Lincoln has kept her secret and highly carnal rendezvous hidden from her protective older brother, the president of Eagle’s motorcycle club.

Until one reckless night of uninhibited lust and passion changes everything and challenges them to see if their irresistible chemistry can lead to more than mind-blowing sex.

This time, will Houston “Eagle” Archer be able to protect his woman?

Or will she end up like the last one?

My Thoughts

I expected this recommended read to be nothing but a sexy novel of flirtation and sex, but I was surprised that there was a deeper meaning behind it. The motorcycle club is full of veterans who deal with the emotional and physical trauma of battle. Add that to to Eagle losing his lover in war and the fear of letting another person in, and it goes beyond the sexiness of the novel. To be honest, I liked that the sex took a backseat and didn’t overwhelm the story. The ending was nice and you can tell there are more novels in the series as indicated by the title. Good read, good message, and not as cheesy as I first suspected it might be.

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