Book Review: The Enchanted Land by Jude Deveraux For beautiful Morgan Wakefield, that land lay west of the bluegrass splendor of her Kentucky home...and within the powerful embrace of Seth Colter--the handsome rancher with whom she had struck a bargain that would change her life. Beneath the star-studded New Mexico skies Colter awakened in Morgan a womans passion, stoking the sensuous fires

Book Review: Mick Harte Was Here by Barbara Park How could someone like Mick die? He was the kid who freaked out his mom by putting a ceramic eye in a defrosted chicken, the kid who did a wild dance in front of the whole school—and the kid who, if only he had worn his bicycle helmet, would still be alive today. But

Book Review: Gumshoe Blues: The Peter Ord Yarns by Paul D. Brazill “The adventures of this PI feel like they rolled out of a Tom Waits song — crime with the feel of a shaggy dog story” — K A Laity.“An original homebrew with a kick. Well worth sampling.” — Mark Ramsden.Following the breakdown of his marriage, in a booze-addled flash of inspiration, Peter Ord decides

Book Review: The Odyssey of the Dragolitha: Essence Within by Caleb Wright The Dragolitha's adventure continues. The Search for Ramathule and Xirow involves a new cast of characters both bad and good. More fights take place on the planet Zarthala, and even some in outer-space. If they can't stop Ramathule from summoning Sulvaria, the universe itself will be destroyed. My Thoughts The Dragolithia and other residents

Book Review: The Ha-Ha by Dave King Rendered unable to speak, read, or write after a Vietnam War injury thirty years earlier, Howard Kapostash feels trapped by his disability until his high school sweetheart, recently forced into rehab, asks him to care for her nine-year-old son. My Thoughts I found this book rather enjoyable. The emotions and observations from a man