Book Review: The Betrayal by Kathryn Shay

With THE BETRAYAL, Kathryn Shay adds a brand new full length novel of romantic suspense to her impressive list of forty-three books, with five million copies in print. Follow this tale of twists and turns as two people find their lives totally entangled, no matter how hard they struggle against their connection.

Darcy Weston flees to her grandparents’ abandoned farm after her stepfather rapes her. There, she meets Jordan Mackenzie, a local boy, and the friendship of a lifetime begins. Jordan helps sustain Darcy with food and water, and his company, for months, but eventually her whereabouts are discovered. In subsequent years, the two young people try to stay in touch from their disparate worlds, but eventually they drift apart.

Flash forward twelve years. Jordan is an accomplished teacher and Darcy, an internationally famous, reclusive artist. They meet again when Jordan publishes a book that reveals secrets about Darcy’s past. But they find themselves thrown together first over the scandal his book creates, then over a murder. Once again, they turn to each other for help and comfort as they deal with police investigations, a variety of suspects from each other’s worlds, and a passion between them which won’t be denied.

My Thoughts

After Darcy is assaulted by her stepfather at the age of fifteen, she fled New York City to the farmhouse she inherited by her grandparents. The old dilapidated place holds memories and supplies to sustain the young girl. Though, she is faced with trouble when she has to avoid a woman who is concerned for her safety. Upon doing a home check, Darcy avoids the women but comes face to face with twelve year old, Jordan.

Jordan begins helping her hide and keeping her secret over the next month. They form a bond and friendship. Darcy paints and Jordan writes to pass the time together. It’s their routine and it gives them outlets for their talents. When Darcy gets hurt, Jordan is forced to seek medical attention blowing their cover and putting Darcy at risk for returning back in her assaulter’s reach. Stella, Jordan’s mother takes her in until the authorities find her.

As expected, Darcy engages in risky behavior to deal with her trauma. Visits back and forth between the teens aren’t enough to sustain a friendship. So, Darcy pushes him away for good and Jordan is left to pick up the pieces of his broken adolescent heart.

Twelve years later, his mother Stella is battling liver cancer and Jordan is faced with releasing his book all about his time at the farmhouse with Darcy. Darcy, how goes by the pseudonym D.J. West is private. The book would blow her cover and release details of the rape that she never intended for anyone to know.

After the book is set to be published, Darcy seduces Jordan and snags a copy. Only to turn around and file a lawsuit to keep it from coming out. Jordan, still in love with her is crushed. They have a falling out and reunite not on decent terms several months later.

A spree of crimes begins to pop up in after the book’s publication. Darcy’s rapist is murdered and she is a suspect. Jordan’s mother and himself suffer attacks. A series of events are put into motion and they all think the book is to blame.

An unlikely character produces the biggest betrayal of all and all are left reeling from the events.

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