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Book Review: On Common Ground: Book 1 in the Grounded Series


A woman destroyed his ability to trust. A man destroyed her ability to care. Can love unlock their fear and heal their wounded hearts?

His marriage over and his career in jeopardy, Trevor Donaldson seeks sanctuary at the Diamond D Ranch in Arizona. After gunning down the man who shot his partner, the accusations hanging over his head, the hounding media, and his own inner turmoil keep him awake at night.

Ketra Weston sought sanctuary at the Diamond D to escape the ugly backlash she suffered after a violent assault following a Good Samaritan act gone wrong. Time at the ranch promises to provide the peace and anonymity she needs to help her heal.

Trevor and Ketra are careful to keep their distance from one another. Trevor’s contempt for women, after his failed marriage, and Ketra’s skittishness after here brutal attack, leave them both wary of the opposite sex. But, everything changes when Trevor discovers that their lives are intertwined and he learns that her past just might hold the key to his exoneration.

My Thoughts:

Trevor is a man who has had his heart broken and his career put on hold. Arriving at Diamond D ranch, he figures he can work and get his mind off it all. Upon arriving, he’s shocked to find a woman is at the ranch and has more issues than he does. Feeling his innate police instincts to protect, he ends up taking on more than he should be handling. It takes some time, finagling, and vulnerability to lower his gaurd.

Ketra is a horse trainer living on the ranch. She works hard and keeps to herself. When Trevor arrives on the ranch, he looks like the man who broke her spirit years ago. It takes some anger, self-analyzing, and family to bring her emotions to the surface.

The author did a good job at keeping the reader engaged. The romance was intertwined with the investigation around Trevor’s job. It was nice to focus on each character’s past and not focus solely on the romantic aspects. I found the writer gave enough time, healing, and growth to make it a well-rounded story. I’ll be interested in reading more from this author.

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