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Book Review: Tempting Levi by Jules Bernard

Levi Cade’s firefighting career burned up after an accident on the job. Then his father died and left him in charge of the family’s multimillion-dollar resort. Now he’s forced to work with financially uptight advisors telling him what to do, and he needs someone he can trust at his side.

The perfect candidate walks through the door in her pencil skirt, fitted white blouse, and a mass of wavy blond hair she tries to contain.

The only problem? She’s his cheating ex’s younger sister.

Hell no. The last thing Levi needs is another Wright female in his life.

Then again, he always liked playing with fire.

My Thoughts

The story was okay, but I found myself more interested in the club and how it functioned than the romance for the first half. I get that the writer was going for them both having feelings for each other and then finally bringing them together. However, I found it a little frustrating to read. The second half redeemed the first. I found that Levi was redeemable and I enjoyed his revelation with Emily toward the end.

The relationship that Levi had with his brothers was tumultuous and I found it more entertaining than the romance. Good story and a good ending.

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