Asher’s Promise COMING FEBRUARY 2021

I’ve written a ton of novels and have agonized over publishing. I’m putting my foot in the water and I’m going for it.

Coming FEB 2021 The first book in the Burke series will be available on Amazon.

Asher’s Promise:

Asher Burke runs the family business with his brothers. He’s hard-working, determined, and stubborn. Traits all the Burke men share. Asher’s father is putting pressure on him to marry his business partner’s daughter. He’s known about the deal for years but he’s dragging his feet. He’ll have to use all the charisma and courage he can muster to convince her to go along.

Lori Walker is a nutritionist in the small Texas town of Meadow Ridge. Her father has brought her up by himself, taught her to be self-sufficient, and to work towards her goals. When Asher Burke, her childhood friend takes in interest in her, she starts to think she may have room for another goal; marriage. Until she finds out his motivations and the promise he made to her father without her knowledge.

Still working on the cover

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    I’m so excited about the progress I’ve made so far. Asher’s Promise will be available soon. I’m hoping to get beta readers and critique partners soon. I also would like to offer advanced copies for an honest review to get a jumpstart on advertising my book. If you are interested in being a beta reader, critique partner, or early book review, please contact me by the end of November. Thank you!

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